I'll find a way 0_0

So it took me like 4 hours to export the pdf of the second book so I could upload it to createspace... Once I got it right it was 1 gigabyte and the max is 400mb so I had to tweak some more to get it right... eventually I did.... now I wait on they system to reject it or A-OK it...

So then I got back to foley work... foley is REALLY fun... I'm having a good time sitting on the floor making the sounds for the characters movement with this wooden guy...

EXCEPT my main PC is way too loud 0_o I was getting all this PC noise in tha mic... ended up having to record the foley with this laptop as its real quiet... its a good thing I got an external usb audiobox because of your donations way back when ^ ^ So I just unplugged it from the PC and plugged it into dis laptop... and finished my foley stuff for the first movement of the film... I already finished all the "ambient" sound design for the whole film... I went through and created ambient sound environments for each location... they are REALLY tite ^ ^ So now I'm going through and doing the foley... In the original plan I wasn't going to do this... but I'll do whatever I have to do to get the film FINISHED in less than a BILLION YEARS... with my audio/crazy music background imma handle dis NO PROBLEM...
The music is so dominant and since I made those tight sonic environments the foley stuff is pretty minimal...

Some days EVERYTHING is a struggle but you just have to FIND A WAY to get things done... I'm just going to keep struggling and keep finding ways to get this bastard DONE....


  1. Playing with wooden mannequins is always fun :D
    So is making your own sound effects
    M dots really living "the life" haha

  2. Some days EVERYTHING is a struggle... Dude you have no idea.

  3. 1Gb???hum...that sounds like your images have too much resolution, remember if it's to see as pdf in your monitor 72dpi is enough, for a "home" printer 150dpi and only use 300dpi if your going for offset typography.

  4. If you don't have it, get a Zoom H2 mic. It is excellent for foley and captures awesome outside stereo ambiance as well. Can be set to front, rear, 2 channel or four channel stereo. Price is falling all the time.


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