Now its 2 books ^ ^

So I finished the rough layout of the book and along the way I realized it was too much stuff... Half of the material...all the HSM specific stuff is graphics heavy so that HAD to be in color and in the biggest book size possible which is only 8" x 10" BUT yeh that had to stay... so what I did was split up the HSM related photo heavy stuff from the mostly wordy stuff that can due with black and white photos... So I'm going to put out two books... M dot Strange's "A_BOOK" which is 181 pages and "B_BOOK" which should be about 200 pages.... the B_BOOK will be a smaller format at 5"x8" and that's all the PSYCHO counter culture inspirational madness... and I get a lot crazier than I do on this blog ^ ^ It also has the answers to all the questions you asked in my recent survey.. well answers to ALMOST all of them... I did my best.

Createspace accepted my audio Cd as well... so I should get the proof in the mail soon... I'm hoping its not jacked so the HSM promo release can come sooner rather than later...

I still don't know about the HSM poster availability so I'll keep waiting on that...

So what I'm doing now is working on the book layout whilst doing sound design... then later this month I have to prep and send out the materials to the voice actors to get that going as well... So I'll continue to be BUSY BUSY BUSY which I like ^ ^


  1. It's been a while since I've commented here. o_o
    I look forward to reading them, M! ^^

  2. Well crap, now I need to save more money T.T

  3. So what is the first going to be like the art book then the second is more informational?

  4. it'd probably take me like a year to read both of them
    ... i'm a slow slow reader... lol

  5. @Drainage Exactly!

    @FunPiecePokemon I will as soon as I finish these books and the rest of the promo stuff... the teaser WILL be out this month as long as things go as planned...My apologies for the long wait!

    When you launch a film you usually need a site for it and stuff but I have no site so I'm making these books to take the place of a website... I already made a free downloadable promo book type thing that I will release with the teaser THEN if you want more info and stuff you can buy these physical books... I back to work on books... thanks for waiting!

  6. Dude - I know it's hard for you but kudos on holding-back until you can commercialize your ventures. I get how it's against your nature - you're a freaking creative machine - but this IS your livelihood and you need to honor that. I'm looking forward to buying all of it.

  7. Sounds like good stuff! Good luck on the book ^___^

  8. You really like dipping in to all sorts of creative mediums! GOod for you!

  9. Haven't read a fresh post from you in a while, which probably means you're working your ass off for us. Go Go Go mDot, can't wait for your movie to come along!

  10. Hey m dizzle
    I got an e-mail from BTR saying you had a show scheduled
    and I thought it was weird cause you never announced anything like you usually do

    so I listened in and host never called in
    what was that >_>
    you're confusing me!


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