So its been a few weeks since I got new music for the film so that's on hold until I get the next piece... next week hopefully... so since I finished the foley/sound design for the part of the film that's cut and I finished the trailers and book and all that I have nothing to do the next 4 days sooooooooo..... I wrote a ten page comedy script and storyboarded it and started animating today... if you ever listened to my old internets radio show you may have heard us talk about this PROJECT SUPERMAN thing... so yeh I wrote a script based on that and it was so ridiculous, funny and perverted I HAD TO MAKE IT... so that's what I'm doing now.. it will be done by Tuesday... I talked to Jamie from Indiebltiz yesterday and we have some exciting stuff in store for yall! Jamie has great ideas and he had one in particular yesterday that I know you're going to love ^ ^

So I finally know WHEN I will let HSM loose ^ ^ and before that you'll get this SICK and TWISTED short film ^ ^


  1. Sounds awesome seems your ahead of schedule, of course your waiting for the music to arrive but everything else is good at the mean time 4days, hells yeah, cant wait to see everything, short film trailors and what not and then the movie,... Im working on a manga concept constest for,, im trying to be uberProfessional like you so i can accually get things accomplished, cant wait to see all your hard work MDStrange

  2. I don't remember Project Superman
    but i do remember the cluck of death

  3. Before you mentioned Project Superman I thought you were talking about the short film about Rain and Ori... Ah well. Can't wait to see it :D


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