The best lil gadget to practice animation

If you take a DSI XL like this.... approx $170
And pair it with the new animation app INCHWORM $5
You've got the BEST portable solution to practice animation ever! Inchworm let's you do STOPMOTION, 2d animation, rotoscoping and all kinds of mixed media fun!

I don't have a working gameboy or Inchworm BUT I'm planning on getting both when I can as I want to practice all types of animation as much as I can... and of course so I can post all my little creations here as well ^ ^

I didn't mention the 3ds because its a lot more expensive... it has smaller screens which will make a BIG difference when drawing and the 3d is useless for using Inchworm. I'm looking at the Gameboy itself NOT TO PLAY GAMES but as an animation practice thats why I say DSI XL.

So if you're a parent and you have a child that wants to get into animation I can't think of a better/cheaper/more portable way for them to do so. The DSI will work too ^ ^

Related Side Story: When I was in Slovakia in 2008 for this film fest.... the festival had high school students in these filmmaking workshops where they were to have them make films the week of the fest... and one girl wanted to do animation... so they sent her off to me and they were all "he'll help you make an animation in like 3 days" haha... and I was all... well I do stopmotion and 3d and I don't have a camera or my computer AND someone with no experience can't make a film with that stuff in 3 days... BUT I had my DS with me and Animanatee on it... a 2d animation app... so I took the girl to lunch and showed her how to use it... and let her borrow my DS... a few days later she came back with a fun little 45 second animation... I took it off the SD card slapped some chiptune song on it... then that night they showed her film at the festival and she was happy ^ ^ A month or so later her mom emailed me asking about what she needed to buy her so she could keep animating because she certainly had a knack for it... so I let her mom know what to get and she got her the stuff for Xmas ^_^


  1. Well that sounds like a lot better experience with her first project than mine...
    girl wants me to do 3D logos for her and some filming
    And then disappears O.o
    wouldn't return any e-mails or calls
    Said she was from sun dance too... promised me a copy of after effects


    Oh well that's life on to the next thing!

  2. What an awesome story~!
    Long ago the only way you could animate was by using MSPAINT and Windows Movie Maker or some silly .GIF exporting program.

    Now you have stuff like



    I'm so jealous of the people who get to start off with these options! Haha.

  3. @Edgar, pencil is the love for cavemen like me <3, it's like super easy to do simple traditional animation there withouth having to use an expensive program or buy a lot of equipment, so yeh. Actually i'm gonna use pencil for a school project i have, M dot has already watched one of my videos but this one's gonna be better than the last one so check it out when it's ready C:

  4. Haha I remember like 2-3 years ago this program was set to hit the DS homebrew scene, then dropped off the map. Glad to see they finally made a release, and an official one at that!

    I only wish there was something like this for the 3DS, 320x240 is a lot easier to work with than 256x192


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