Moving on....

I'll be sending out the materials to the voice actors next week and then when I start to get some voice stuff back and the rest of the music at the end of May I can start finalizing this thanG...

I entered the Fantasia film festival in Montreal yesterday...

It'll be the only festival I enter as they are expensive and the only reason I entered it is because my last feature won some awards there and it seemed the audiences really liked it there... so I only go where I'm wanted nah mean. I'm not going to assume it'll get accepted as I didn't try to schmooze my way in... I filled out the forms and mailed it in with the $85 entry fee like everyone else... I da know why they cost so much though?!....I have to sell nine books to make $85 0_o

So yeh I'm still editing and will mail out stuff to the voice actors next week...
Editing and shet
So I've been working long hours editing and creating the M dot alterate soundtrack for the DVD, and making tutorials for the DVD..... and when I finish work early enough I'm doing tracks for my friend James Id's film...

The work never ends but that's good because I live to work ^_^ If I wasn't such a masochist I would have quit making films a long time ago... it can be so painful sometimes 0_o and heart wrenching 0_o and you feel so defeated and like a pathetic loser and a failure often..... ITS GREAT ^_^  So if you like what I do.... thank da heavens that I'm such a sick bastard that enjoys physical and emotional pain and mental anguish....or else I would have quit already and would been making commercials or some shet.... WHO AM I KIDDING I WOULD BE A SERIAL KILLER ^_^

Now was that creepy or what?! When I was younger I was seriously creepy.... then I learned how to MASK it... now only the thoughts in my head are creepy and MAYBE my new film is a LITTLE creepy too....WHO AM I KIDDING its totally FUCKED! YOU WILL DIE.... INSIDE.

Do you ever hear that clown laughing? Yes it is HIM! Have you ever heard his song? He'll be waiting for you when you watch HEART STRING MARIONETTE


  1. hey i've just bought both books (i'll recieve them in like a month) will the "send a pic with the book" thing still apply by May 27?

  2. I like being creepy
    it makes people uncomfortable around me
    there for most people leave me alone
    and i can do whatever it is i'm doing without being disturbed More horrays!

  3. @Armybert

    Just email me your email confirmation thing ^_^

  4. Are you submitting your film to the Ottawa animation festival as well? It's free to enter. I sent in an animation to it as well as fantasia. I hope your film is accepted, I am looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.


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