Out o towN

I took a short break from the city and my 24 hour computer grind to hang out with Fam up in Anderson, Ca... its nice to see a different way of life out here... so I'm here for a week then when I get back this DANGEROUS book will go on sale...
A_BOOK has turned out really nice... I'm waiting on the final proof which will come by the time I get back and then I can make it available for all of you who want to be the FIRST to learn about HEART STRING MARIONETTE because as you probably know I've kept it all totally secret...

Also when I get back I'll have just about 1 hour of the movie cut w/sound design etc so I'll send it out to the voice actors and a week after that BLAM teaser trailer ^ ^

So imma hang out here a bit longer then get back and start releasing stuff FUCKING FINALLY!???! 0_o

Also I wrote 5 more SOOPERMAN episodes that are only funnier and more ridiculous so I'll make those when I get time... aight imma go breathe more air.

Thank you for your patience.


  1. Since you've started this film I've become a zen warrior. But make me wait any more than two months, I shall become mildly irked.

  2. don't worry about waiting to release things M dot. I'd rather see your work as you want to present it than have you rush. your integrity is really inspiring and checking up on your blog reminds me that there are other people out there who go all out and reach for their goals. so excited for the film!!

  3. I am psyched to buy this book! I love reading your updates on here so this will be tight! I found a great reason for animated film VS Film. My friend and I are making a music video right now and half way through it, our actor vanished. He just fell off the side of the earth. like two weeks go by and the video hasn't been finished due to this, so we have decided to switch some of it up and finish it anyways. Today my friend gets a text from our actor and he says to us, hey guys, sorry I vanished, I've been in detox.

    Fuck-n-A, you just don't know some people man. Damn.

  4. yay we're all looking foreward to seeing a few teasers of what you've been up to for the past three years. i'll certainly be picking up A_book when u release it.

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