Voice acting collab tools?

So on Monday May 1st I'm sending out ALL the stuff to ALL the voice actors so they can do they thing... I'm going to physically mail materials to peeps who have a lot of dialog as the reference movies might get too big... BUT I don't want to have to force them to physically mail me back they audio... now the files they are going to give me back are going to be uncompressed wav's or aiff's so they can get kinda big...

I'm wondering what the best way would be for them to send me the files back? Email is too slow and unwieldy... Dropbox is tite but requires a software install... Ftp is too geeky and I don't even have ftp access anymore... The best thing I can think of is the Soundcloud dropbox...

Has anyone used it? Looks tite! 120 minutes of time and anyone can upload even if they don't have a Soundcloud account... so that's what I'm going to go with for now... if anyone has any better ideas please let me know!

Thanks! AND I'm most likely posting the first teaser trailer on Monday ^_^ I'm not waiting anymore... NOTHING is going to stop me! Muahahahahaaaaaaa...BEWARE I LIVE!


  1. if it's 300mb or less you can try sendspace

  2. @Ricardo

    Oh awesome I didn't know you could do that with it..thanks!

  3. Dropbox does NOT require a software install... open an account for your voice actors and give them the password, they can upload via web interface on dropbox.com...

  4. @M dot Strange

    Glad i could be of help to ya! :D

  5. Yeah i use dropbox all the time and i don't have that software
    You might be able to even make shared folders in google documents but i don't know how much space they limit to you for free
    i know you can buy like 1 TB...

  6. Also if yo recruited a lot of the voice actors into drop box you could probably increase your size by a lot and have enough room for them

  7. that's good news, Mdot. I was going to say DB works with net interface. I've had good luck with that service. Glad you are finally moving into this part of the production. Sweet!

  8. http://www.kompoz.com/compose-collaborate/home.music

    they have a pretty tight setup., dont knwo the specifics .. but its a cool site anyways..

    If you use this I demand to have a line.


  9. https://www.yousendit.com/

    I use this for my band, it's a very good website.

    The file limit is 2GB.

  10. I'M READY TO TERRORIZE!!! I have my own website with unlimited space if you need to use it. Hit me up!

  11. mother of fuck!!!

    the images are fucking sick!!!

    congratulations dude, im F5'ing to check the trailer

  12. Hey Dude- I think you have my old email addy. To get in touch send me shout at cathy@undisclosedstudio.com
    I usually just email mp3's when working with machinima folks but you may want higher quality files. So DB may be the way to go.
    Later Skater

  13. If you need any more voice actors I can do a voice or two, I still have my mic and recording "studio" (blankets) setup...

  14. wetransfer.com, super easy, no registration and you can send files up to 2gb. For audio that should be plenty enough.


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