What it is M dot 4-16-11

Thanks to the people who bought A_BOOK and B_BOOK!  Buying those books makes M dot happy ^_^ and let's me know that if people care and/or are interested enough to buy them that I might have a future at this filmmaking thanG.

45 minutes of HEART STRING MARIONETTE is cut and complete with temp voice acting as the final voice acting still needs to be recorded...

I filled out and submitted the online entry form for HSM to the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal... now I just need to send in a work in progress by the 27th...

Right now I'm just waiting on music... when I get a chunk of music... I cut that part of the film then do the sound design/foley and a temp mix... I hope to get another piece Monday so I can submit an hour to the festival...

At the same time as sending the fest submission I'm going to FINALLY send out the first chunk of work to the voice actors... I hope to send them one half of the film to record by the end of May... and then send them the second half at the beginning to June to be recorded before the end of that month...

I wrote 4 new episodes of PROJECT SOOPERMAN... the episodes are listed here with the amount of days it will take me to do each one... some have giant robot/monster fights and like armies of bears/crowds of people so they will take more work then the episodes I made already...

Episode 3: Impenetrable BASS (5 days work)
Episode 4: Exploding Rainbows (5 days work)
Episode 5: Small Dreams (3 days work)
Episode 6: Not Sorry (3 days work)

I storyboarded episode 3 tonight as I was hoping to get some new HSM music so I could cut this weekend but I didn't so I have to find something else to do... I like working on Sooperman BUT I feel guilty knowing there's so much more I could be doing for HSM... like working on the DVD and the like... so right now I'm prepping stuff and getting things together so I can work on the "M dot Soundtrack" for the DVD over the weekend... I should also do some making-of tutorials for the HSM DVD... I'm going to animate some shots from the film to show yall how I did it... and go through my compositing and color correction workflow as well and all the other stuff that might be helpful to other people making their own 3d animated films...

I also outlined a PROJECT SOOPERMAN feature film 0_0 with a special challenge to myself to do the whole thing in 3 months AND make it the most hilarious, profane, insane, and ridiculous animated film ever made ^ ^ BUT I would probably kickstarter that to see if I can raise a budget first nah mean.

Awhile back I was planning on making a WATS sequel in 3d but I kinda lost interest in it for now... I might still do it in the future but for now my sidetracked project will be SOOPERMAN it seems...

Made this random track in Ableton last night for you AWESOME 5 people who listen to my music ^_^

This blog has been reorganized a bit and that will continue... there are now tabs up top for a few different categories of my vids etc... proB a bunch you have never seen since they are buried in my youtube channel... I've got to make it easier for people to discover and share my stuff if I want to survive... ((((Due to the attention I have received from gay adult video producers and dirty old men who "want to party" there's easier ways I could receive compensation BUT imma try to doeS this film thing nah mean 0_o)))))

Ah I don't EVEN give a FUCK?! Imma complete this FUCKING AMAZING AND EPIC thing called HEART STRING MARIONETTE while making those NEW sooperman episodes THEN as I make the HSM DVD imma make the SOOPERMAN FEATURE... I'm just going to keep putting out AWESOME SHET and force my STRANGE WILL onto the world till people are like OH DAMN DIS MUTHAFUCKA IS SO ILL IMMA THROW HIM HELLA DOLLARS then I'll live happily ever after and make MOAR! ^_^

Is that a good plan? haha


  1. great plan! lol and i can't wait to see more SOOPERMAN. that shit is hilarious hahah i always think about it at the most random times. your voice acting in itself is hilarious like "UZIIIIIIIII!!!!" lol i cannot wait to get the a_book in the mail too. i'm gonna carry that damn thing around with me everywhere and once i'm done reading it i'll keep it in my studio with all my other prized possessions. i always look at your art work on my wall to inspire me. and this week i've been watching all the extras you bundled on the WATS dvd. it's wild to see how far you've come, yet you've always had that burning dedication and passion. you're like the bruce lee of animation. :D

  2. bad link on the music brotha.


  3. The song link is brokhed. I had to go through some shit buying your book lol. Oh also I was the one guy that demanded a commentary for WATS soif you would be so kind to do a commentary on HSM maybe with Endika or someone. Remeber a one man commentary sucks so dont do that. AND I still wanna do a random voice for the movie!

  4. I think a PROJECT SOOPERMAN feature funded via Kickstarter is a good idea. Completing those other episodes should get some hype behind it.

  5. if you do decide to make a SOOPERMAN movie, will it be on a DVD? Having it as an extra alongside HSM would be great!

  6. Love the song. It has a nin vibe to it...


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