What should I do? You decide!

So it seems imma have to wait a few more days to get the next bit of music for HSM... So I can't edit/sound design/foley for a few days... So what should I do? Here are my options...

1) Make new FULL episode of Sooperman
2) Do some work for the HSM DVD extras
3) Reload the same 5 web pages over and over for hours
4) Work on the M dot Soundtrack for the HSM DVD
5) Go outside? Talk to humans?!
6) Start on another book

So let me know what you think I should do this week and I will doeS it. SankS.

ALSO for fun I give you THIS  It's the HARDSTYLE Sooperman video with Linkoln's voice and the animal sound missing... so you can add in your own voice and animal sound! Check the txt file with it for info HAVE FUN!


  1. kind of frightens me that Endika has not completed the music after 2 years ........

    He has to see your work ethic first hand .. you think it would motivate a brotha.


    lol ..... guess I vote for Agent 69 then.

  2. 2 or 6

    give us some advice on productivity, workflow, tech advice

    maybe thats already on the book, im just waiting for my credit card to get them!

  3. I say half episode of Sooperman and then for your sake talk to humans.

    Interaction outside of a computer screen always helps me to find new inspiration and experiences I can twist and put into a story.

  4. I wanna see the HSM trailer. Whatever you need to do before that can go live - DO IT!!

  5. I love your special features: the WATS commentary is absolutely hilarious!

  6. More SOOPERMAN just to have something to occupy the time till HSM, and of course some HSM work too.
    PS can we donate our faces to be used on SOOPERMAN characters?

  7. Abandon Sooperman, he no good. Go outside or do some DVD work or finish the tutorial series!

  8. Host a BTR show!
    you haven't done that in a while lol

  9. Make a fucking trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Go outside and talk to humans.

    If you don't live outside of the work, you won't have anything new to put into it.

  11. @Johnny Guitar Sooperman = hella good.


    I would like a trailer though ..
    maybe if you make a full length sooperman episode ... you could include a teaser trailer at the begining ala MPAA style .. green screen and all .. hehehe ...

    would also help create a nice little buzz for your youtube postings ... sooperman / training vids ...

  12. start and become the host of a new online game show

  13. SOOOOOPERMAAAAAANN! (and maybe talk to humans just a little bit)



    That was awesome.

    What was that out of his crotch?

  15. I would say More Sooperman and i would be happy to give you my face for it!

  16. Option 2 or 5

    Make option 5 a priority since I think you have done so much work already.


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