Making 3d animated feature films alone or UBERECTING is a very niche subject. It's VERY difficult to find any information about it as no one really does it, except for a few CRAZY people out there ^_^ This text is taken from my A_BOOK which is the "art-of" and "making-of" book for my new 3d animated feature film HEART STRING MARIONETTE. I decided to make this ebook available for free because I think it would be useful to many more peoples besides the would-be UBERECTORS out there. So if you have any interest in creating low budget 3d animated films on your own or with a small team I think this e-book will be useful to you. Here is a list of the chapters in this ebook.

  1. Introduction
  2. Making of: HOW
  3. Brainstorm:
  4. Outline:
  5. Script:
  6. Storyboard:
  7. Animatic:
  8. Inventory:
  9. Concept Art:
  10. Modeling:
  11. Layout:
  12. Lighting:
  13. Character Rigging/Skinning:
  14. Animation:
  15. Rendering:
  16. Compositing:
  17. Editing:
  19. Sequence Approach:
  20. Quotas:
  21. Breakdowns:
  22. Compete Against Yourself:
  23. Asset Management:
  24. Modular Approach:
  25. Troubleshooting:   
You can get the book for free HERE 

Please feel free to share and post this where ever you like on forums, your own blog etc... I think it can be helpful to all types of filmmakers even though it is animation specific. So I hope you enjoy it and that it can help you in some way. If you like it and want to help support me in making more books like it please feel free to donate to my strange cause HERE

Thank you and BestesT,

M dot Strange


  1. @yall

    Blogger was broken for a few days and it erased some of my pages... it should all work now as I just tested all the links and they workiN..let me know

  2. It works now! THANK YOU M DOT :D

  3. sry m dot stupid question I can't use PayPal and other payment services coz they don't have registration for my country I can't write russia coz it's not russia then where shall I get it
    I guess only EasyPay runs here, and to get the B_book coz it seems to me very interesting should I go through registration at smashwords? for what? which kinds of on-line banks of payment it supports?
    I really don't know what to do they charge a great tax I heard here

  4. @Nikki

    At Smashwords you choose the if you choose to pay $0.00 you can do that... they just require registration to download but you dont need a CC# or Paypal or anything else just an email address

  5. Read the book, great stuff.
    I have to say. IT is time. Time to just do this thang. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I even began the script tonight. In one hour I was able to do more than I did in 3 years.
    No more waiting for the right technology or tool to start. I have all the tools I need.
    Zbrush,C4d, that new mocap device for 150 bucks and a WII Kinect, Photoshop, Priemere, Poser, Project Messiah. You'd think by now I would have been on my way. What a waste of time? No more. I'm following your direction and going.

    Thank you M DOT STRANGE!

  6. Thanks Mdot for the ebook! I love it!

    For everyone that was having trouble opening the file I had the same problem. I downloaded the Sony Reader for free and it works fine now. Works for Mac and PC. ^_^

  7. You can open directly in Firefox with the EPUB plugin. Great book and tips. Love the way you join life/films. Very inspiring...


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