Dug up this old CRAZY short film I made in 2001... it was my first and only one mostly in Spanish...

Thanks to my friend Sivan for starring in this one ^_^

It's crazy shit isn't it 0_o AND NONE of us we're on anything 0_0


  1. Espera un maldito momento...
    ¿Esto significa que entiendes y hablas español?

  2. @Jack

    No habla español : (

    I only know a little Spanish... my family speaks Spanish but I was foolish and never learned to be fluent.

    I wrote the script for that short film in English knowing my friend would read it in Spanish... I was always a fan of Brujeria so that short film was sort of my homage to them ^_^

  3. wow man, so that means you're latin like us? those are great news indeed C:, actually i'm a language teacher if by any chance you want to start learning C:, but don't worry about the language, just keep making the good stuff that you always make

  4. Don quixote mariguana...fuma mota como cerdooooo

  5. I just bought your A and B book, they will arrive today n__n

  6. Umberto oh Umberto to be or not to be , ser o no ser ... bring the tortillas man!


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