So I'm close to having half of the final voices recorded now....and today I got the stuff for the main character  voiced by JP Anderson of the band RABBIT JUNK and... OMG it is AWESOME?!?! 0_0

The second sequence of the film has almost all of the voices and YES the characters are ALIVE and yeh its NUTS!

Tomorrow I'll get to the 3rd sequence which features a monster voiced by SCREAMERCLAUZ!

So yeh thanks to all the voice actors! If I haven't received your takes yet or you're working hard on them now mega thanks!!!


  1. awesome, once again I can wait too see how it all turns out, I'm sure it will all be great.

  2. I am so excited! I know it takes a lot of time to get a movie done but I think the wait only adds to the experience :D

  3. I have not received my takes yet .


    lol .. jk. CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS !

    - The Mad Reagent

  4. I so wanted to be a voice for this! Aww.

  5. I could only imagine if the main evil villan was voiced by ed...
    I'd never be able to take him seriously.


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