Check that out.... the first draft of the HEART STRING MARIONETTE script was done in January of 2008... and just yesterday I make the final draft which is revision 34... as you know the last edit of the film is the final draft of the script....

The first "working" revision of the animatic was done in December of 2008

So then 2009 was pretty much all design/modeling/texturing/rigging etc... and 2010 was production... 2011 compositing/edit....post... and 2011 will be the year you see it.

Time is a precious thanG... so you have to be careful what you let eat it up... making films the way I do certainly does eat up time in big chunks but there's nothing else I'd rather do so its no big deal ^ ^

So if HSM took 3 years+ to complete... my next "big" serious film will take no more than 2 years... as I've learned so much on how to streamline the process and I'm able to do better work faster... So yeh that's my goal from now on.... High quality 3d animated feature= 2 years from start to finish... Low quality 3d animated comedy feature like the SOOPERMAN feature I'm planning= 3 months from start to finish... those are my new goals... that's what I'm going to do with my time...

In the HSM teaser I used that 4 year number for dramatic purposes ^ ^ as 2007 was spent travelling around doing stuff for WATS... but yes my goal is new feature every 2 years from now on!

Would you be happy to get a new strange animated feature every 2 years? ^_^


  1. I remember way back when you announced that the animatic for hsm was done
    you were still on facebook then!
    And i started a group called "people who cannot wait for m dot strange to finish HSM" and there's still a few people joining every now and then :o

    2 years?
    you're bluffing
    I won't believe 2 years until I see it
    (yes that's a challenge)
    (my captcha says careants carebears gonna start a law suit :o)

  2. Doing a film every 2 years sounds awesome! It will give me something to look forward to. ^_^

  3. Thats funny I also use CeltX for my scripts, but when I export to PDF it always chops my pages in weird places.

  4. Dude I'd be happy with a new film every TEN years.

    Just keep up the amazing quality at a pace you can handle, that's all I can ask ^ ^


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