Voice acting notes

So earlier this month I sent half of the film to half of the voice actors... that first batch is due back by the 30th... then I'll send out the second half of work and everything else to all of the voice actors next week...

I was in Iceland the past 3 weeks where I recorded voices for 7 characters and today I'll be recording the voice of actor Zhubin Rahbar who plays the coveted role of "JERKFACE" who is easily the biggest jerk in the whole film ^_^

I'll be working with him in Endika's studio... since Endika is working on the music right now I won't be recording on his main rig... I'll be recording in a back room using my Macbook Pro and the Blue Baby Bottle mic and Presonus USbPre that we we're able to get with your paypal donations way back when ^_^

The main female character Siouxsie is still not cast... I've tried 3 different actresses so far but it's a really tough role and we might be holding local auditions soon to find the right voice actress...

I've announced the names of most of the main voice actors so far AND I will be creating a complete "cast and crew" list next month... but I'm happy to say my pals Ed (Funymony),  ScreamerClauz  and Mike Diva have joined the cast ^_^ 

So right now I'm recording voices then when Endika gives me a new piece of music I hustle and edit/foley/sound design... then continue with the voices... so June is going to be the busiest month so far with so much to do 0_o and I'll be presenting at this event in London June 9th where I'll show never before seen footage from HEART STRING MARIONETTE... It's reasonably priced at 10 poundZ so maybe London's best professional weirdo Tim Drage will show up ^_^ Its a MAC event so I know its kinda poison haha... 

So yeh its BUSY BUSY BUSY but in approx a month from NOW the whole film will be LOCKED and COMPLETED!

Imma kick out another teaser in the next week as well as soon as I can catch my breath...


  1. Congrats on Getting this thing almost in the can. I hope this sky rockets you to new heights or at least takes you through your next film.

  2. Congratulations, Mdot! One of my friends is LEGITIMATELY afraid of that face on the screen in the second picture! Film's not even out yet and people are already freaked out!

  3. I'm so hyped! When are you going back on facebook etc? Would easier to follow you and ask questions!

    And how do you find time between this passion and other ones? I have a hard time balancing writing and martial arts together!

    I envy you though, LIVE YOUR DREAM!

  4. Unbelievable, couldn´t find ONE tutorial about making a soundtrack for a film with Cubase (it´s all music, midi, etc.). Maybe Master M could do it, show us some mixing techniques now that you´re working on it.
    *miam miam those screens look awesome

  5. Good to know that steady progress is being made sir!

    Are you all set with voice actors at this point? I'd love to help out there if you're still looking for people, but from the sounds of it other than Siouxsie (which I can't really help out with xP) you seem all set.

  6. hey dude, glad to hear that your getting this one finished, i cant wait to see it. in the future I'd definitely be interested in doing voice acting or contributing art or something. well, good luck finishing up your new film, i doubt you'll need luck, but good luck anyways.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QdVBgQMQCw you told me to do it, so here you have it sir, i hope you like my new video n___n

  8. DUDE! I am so happy to be a part of this! I'm excited to see how it'll turn out!

    Everything is looking SWEET so far!

  9. @Ed

    Thanks! and you and your crew we're the first to get it done so you guys are extra awesome ^_^

  10. I'm a MAC so i will be there ^__^


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