We've come to the enD

It's about time we completely finished this fucking movie eh?! ^_^

So A LOT is going to happen in the next month...

-Finished soundtrack
-Final voice acting
-Complete Foley/Sound design for the second half of the film
-Final edit
-Final mix
-Final FILM

After not drinking coffee for about a year I'm back on the black stuff 0_0 So because of this months workload I expect dark bags under the eyes, states of mental confusion, exhaustion, and a strong desire to want to turn the computer off and sleep..... but alas I am a demon robot.....

Being so close to the finish line and with the WORLD PREMIERE set for July this IS the time to sprint! So I shall grind the final month of grinding for HEART STRING MARIONETTE!

Back to sound design for me......


  1. cant say how much im looking forward to this, are you gonna show it on roof tops? i miss that when you did it with wats and would love to see this one that way

  2. I'm cheering for you Mdot! :D


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