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So I'm in London now... woke up at 4am since I went to sleeP early because of the lag of jets... My goal today before I go speak at the video expo is to go to a Cartoon Museum, a Toy Museum and buy an inflatable Dalek... got to get your priorities straight nah mean?

So now that I have some time to think... of course my thoughts fall on HSM... and Project SOOPERMAN ^_^

HSM will be totally completed in the next 2 months... what will we do with it after that? Not too sure... Not too excited about film festivals.... not too excited about simply posting it online... We'll probably shop it around and try to work some deals so you can see it in a theater eventually ^_^  As we believe its REALLY something special so we want to make sure when you first see it its in the best way possible...

In the meantime while the HSM magick is being worked behind the scenes I plan to kick out several new Project SOOPERMAN episodes AND a Project SOOPERMAN feature film... now that may sound crazy BUT I R serious... I'm confient I could do an awesome SOOPERMAN feature in 3 months from start to finish... and each episode would take less than a week...

My goal for the Sooperman Feature tentatively titled : "BAD ASS BADASSERY" or "TOO MUCH BANG BANG" is to make the most ridiculous, profane, insane, and hilarious animated feature film EVAR!

BUT to make this happen before HSM is released and starts making $$$... I'm going to have to raise some money to make all the SOOPERMAN stuff super fast... I have tons of ideas... So I'm going to fund Project Sooperman through Kickstarter...

Part of the project will be me hiring an assistant to help me with the production and to document the process every step along the that the documentary that comes along with the project Sooperman feature will show exactly what it takes to make a 3d animated feature film alone or with a small team... AND I will screencap vid most all of my work so you can see exactly what it takes to do this stuff... and share everything for FREE when it's done...

I have some ideas about how you can participate in the making of the film itself... So that yall could put your 2 cents in about WHO Sooperman should HEADSHOT or BANG BANG haha

ALSO I will allow you to send me images of YOUR FACE so you can be in the film and get head shotted by Sooperman himself ^_^

So what do you think?

I believe that Project Sooperman has a much wider appeal than anything else I've made and that it would make a lot of people laugh so why not eh?

So the main idea would be to fund the project through kickstarter then give it all away for free when its done....

Let me know what you think about all of this?


  1. I would love a movie title contest ... lol ..

    and the night of a thousand Headshots.

  2. So wait.... you're making a Sooperman feature? I'm confused.

    I'd be down for assisting you in whichever way possible. I live in australia though so you'd prob want someone within physical reach.

    I'll send you some photos of my face to get headshotted. Just tell me when you want them.

    good luck in london!

  3. Can we have Rebbeca Black get head shoted?

  4. Sooperman is enjoyed best in smaller doses. Some of the shorts are already a little on the thin side. I'd look into shopping it around to something like adult swim or their competitor.

  5. now that i think about it .. you should name the movie something completely different... so Sooperman is seen more as an actor you can place in other shorts if need be....

    kinda like Tombraider ...

    HeadShot: starring Laura Croft (errr.. Sooperman)

    [quick note: a headshot for laura croft may not be a bad idea]

  6. Inflatable Dalek? I want one now too :O

  7. About the Sooperman series - I think it's clear what you're going for here is something fun and outrageous and definitely not politically correct. That's fine for what it is - I like silly myself.

    Just bear in mind that you are going to get a very particular demographic with it - and it's the exact same demographic that goes for stuff like " Jackass" and "Jackass 2" and etc. It's going to be young guys in their 20's who are not very grown up yet. And there are plenty of them to go around, so no doubt you will find an audience.

    I am reluctant to say anything, because it's true you are exremely helpful to people, and you have the best animation blog I've ever seen. But the first episode of Sooperman turned me off right away, as I am not part of that 20-something young male demographic.

    I am wondering something about the first episode of Sooperman: are those two women that the sooperman character is, ahem, "sexually done with," dead? Or are they just used up, or are they inflatable dolls? Either way, they have been objectified.

    It's clear that not being politically incorrect in any way is what you want, so I'm not trying to get you to change it.
    At the same time, I will not support such things. I have not spoken out about the sexism in that first episode because I do support everything else you're doing, and I plan to buy your film
    and etc.

    You probably don't have to worry too much about my opinion either, as I think I am not typical of your audience. I'm just saying - that is the kind of demographic the Sooperman series will attract.

    Outrageous is not necessarily unique and unusual, and I think this can be applied to the Sooperman series. But I will follow it and see if I might like later episodes better.

    BTW, I bought your B book, and think it's better than "War of Art," so thank you for that.

  8. Hope you are having fun in London, dude. I like Variant's idea of a movie title contest. Love the face/photo headshot idea esp if you do a Lone Wolf and Cub thing where he's facing 100's of opponents.

    I was thinking that a Sooperman feature would be an excellent idea. You got to have him kicking DC and Marvel characters assess at some point. Count me in for voice or sound work. If you use my face though, you might ruin the movie ;-0

  9. PS: Good luck with your premiere. I'm sure it will go great :)

  10. @Tyler

    I'm sure M dots doesn't want or need anyone defending his work; but i've got to say...

    Sooperman seems to me to be a satire on hollywood action film tropes and culture; the sexism is part of that.

    To me mdots was 'taking the piss' and highlighting the absurdity of the films including the objectification of women in those films, however it never seemed to me that he was condoning it.

    It's interesting that you still felt that way. Is it because it's shown an issue you feel strongly about in a comedic light, or because Mdots is a male commenting on female oriented sexism, or something else entirely?

    I'd be really interested to hear from you.

  11. @Permian, I will try to write you privately.

  12. YES MORE SOOPERMAN!! I'd love to see a feature, but I would make sure that the pacing is tight, because as awesome as the shorts are, there are parts that tend to lag.

    That being said, I showed episode 2 to basically everyone I know, and the Uzi scene and "What the f*ck is that? Some kind of x" have risen to nearly meme status among my small circle of friends.

    I could probably get you at least 5 faces for the inevitable headshotting spree that would occur in the film.

    Good luck in London and beyond man, looking forward to everything you got coming down the pipe.

  13. Hum...not sure mid 20s would bare 90m of Sooperman, seems more suitable as a "tv" serie.

  14. the only thing to watch out for is that DC Comics doesn't come after you on copyright grounds for using a name similar to a certain well known (..overused..outdated..*ahem**..) costumed hero of theirs.

    Remember the kid a few years ago who had his own company "Mike Rowe Soft", and Bill Gates came down on him with two fists made out of bank safes? You should be 100% original, even if it means renaming him to something like "uberection man" or something (y'know, because of the power of the uberector...) ;)


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