Festivals should SERVE the Filmmakers not vice versa

So HSM was accepted into a festival wherein WATS had won some awards and was apparently popular with audiences there in 2007 which means it made the festival $$$ And what are film festivals without films? NOTHING... How would they make their money if FILMmakers didn't pay their entry fees? How would they make money if people didn't pay to see the FILMS?

They wouldn't... so since FILMMAKERS are making them this $$$ and allowing them to EXIST you would think they would share the love a little eh? You would think that an established independent filmmaker like myself who creates unique films unlike any other in the world with a dedicated little international audience would get a little love?

Now as a filmmaker you pay your entry fee... this one was $85... the film festival charges admission and makes more $$$ off the films and what do you get as a filmmaker? A T-shirt?

So when the festival told me that they "couldn't" pay for flights for neither Endika nor I because they had already "spent their flight budget" I said to myself calmly.... "This is total bullshit" ^_^

For a little perspective....Tomorrow I'm going to London to speak for 30 minutes at an event and show snippets of the film... they covered my flight which is 2x more expensive than a flight to Montreal.. and they are covering the hotel AND they are giving me CASH.. Now I believe this is so because THEY APPRECIATE MY WORK AND WHAT I DO AND WHAT I STAND FOR... this festival obviously does not so... so in the words of one of my idols Beethoven...

With men who do not believe in me I cannot and will not associate. 

So to all other festivals out there... if you want to screen this film please show me that you believe in the film and what we do or HEART STRING MARIONETTE will not GRACE your festival with its presence.... I'm not even kidding motherfuckers... We have made some amazing work unlike anything you have EVER seen... NO BULLSHIT! You can't get this ANYWHERE ELSE!

To all of you who believe in my work I thank you....

Back to work....


  1. sorry those assholes dont appreciate your art, i wish there was a film festival in the east bay like in san leandro, or hayward, i'd definitly be there. atleaste you have the london thing going for you though. good luck dude.

  2. Sucks :( I've had mixed experiences with film festicles oops I mean festivals...MIFF was a great one... So was Dragon Con...you should send HSM to those two if there's still time...

    Digima is for cyberspace... the old ways of watching / distributing "films" are an anachronism ...as old and outdated as my p4 2.7 render nodes :( compared to my shiny "new" core 2 duo.

    Nice recording booth... I had a similar setup in my basement with blankets and old boards from a fence that got torn down ;)

  3. Justice has been said in defense of what little is left of genuine artists.

  4. I'll come and drive you and Endika to my house to watch your movie with all my friends. No entry free, and I'll even give you two shirts! (starts taking and putting back on glasses while sweating and nervously stroking bunt.)

  5. Definitely m dots!
    If they don't respect your work why respect their organization.
    If more artists were like you perhaps they'd treat our kind a little better.

    It reminds me of John Waters on making books cool again. "If you go home with somebody, and they don't have books, don't fuck 'em!". Same thing with film fests i guess.

    ps. just received your books in the mail down here in Aus. Given me much to think about. Thanks!

  6. I dunno, mdot... While I agree that submission fees shouldn't be a profit center, it doesn't sound like that's the case here. Assuming you're talking about the Montreal Fantasia festival, the submission fee for a feature-length film is $50 ($85 is the fee for late submissions). $50 doesn't sound unreasonable to cover the cost of four judges watching a two-hour film. If they were being paid, it would be like a $5/hour job.

    I agree that it seems unfair that accepted films do not get a share of whatever profits are made from attendance. However, most people do not submit films to festivals for money or free vacations... They submit because festivals offer the possibilities of exposure and prestige. If these are not things you are interested in -- or if you have better ways to get them -- then festivals don't have much to offer you. I'd be surprised if clarifying your requirements improves matters.

  7. Around here (Portugal) festivals are sponsored basically by the Film Institute and the City Councils, so there´s no fee, in fact in Europe I don´t remember any organization who does´t it. Its hard enough to complete the "thing". Lectures are paid but the values vary a lot.With the low-cost companies fighting each other you can have some huge director for 5€...

  8. That sucks :(
    Don't worry man, i'm sure u are going to get a call soon.

    (a good news call):

  9. you just do not know how much that little mic setup means to me...


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