I get excited and I just can't fight it ^_^

In case you didn't know the awesome JP ANDERSON from THE SHIZIT and RABBIT JUNK is the voice of the main character in HEART STRING MARIONETTE... I just got his final takes and they OWN... he did an amazing job... I was super excited when he said he would voice the character as I've been a fan of Rabbit Junk and The Shizit ever since I first heard them... In case you haven't heard Rabbit Junk here's some right here..

So yeh still waiting on the music so the film can be finished.... hmmm maybe I'll write a book in the meantime or somethin... Speaking of that IF you just can't wait and want more HSM stuff get my A_BOOK today!
A_BOOK is also A_HAT!!!!


  1. I have it already :D!, both A and B book, best books ever!

  2. thats the fkd up thing ... I have been totally into RJ and Shizit for years ... then I am into your shit .. then I find out you are into them too .. weird stuff indeed....

    JP is cool though .. I have chatted through email a couple times , even back in the ol mp3.com days .. and he never acted too cool for the room ... very down to earth and willing to connect with fans ...

    I actually did the busted up remix Gak Bitch (wicked pantyline remix)

    HORRIBLE QUALITY !!! but since i loved the band it was great fun mixing and destroying that shit up ...


    cant wait for the movie. keep going.


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