I HEAR voices

So while Endika is finishing up the music for the film... I'm working with the voice actors and making sure everything gets recorded... I'm working with most of the actors remotely... awesome peoples like Jimmy Urine, JP Anderson, ScreamerClauZ, FunyMony amongst others...

BUT this weekend actor Ricky Grove who reads and comments on this here blog! came up to San Jose to do the voice of LORD WOR and he did an awesome job...
Ricky and the P.A. JonboY
It was a pleasure working with a great actor like Ricky and I look forward to working with him more in the future!

We also showed him some of the film in progress and just hung out and chatted about all things film, art, music and geek... it was a great time!
Endika and Ricky
If your in LA or are visiting make sure and drop by Ricky's used bookstore! I've never been there but it sounds like a suitE place and it couldn't have a nicer or more knowledgeable guy workin there ^_^

Ok I better prepare my presentation for London this week...


  1. @Z52

    Sure d00d! Email them to me at helpmdot@gmail.com the more insane and loud the better ^_^

  2. i dreamed that i was watching HSM. i remember being really disappointed. i suppose it's because my unconscious mind couldn't possibly conjure up in a few hours what you've been working on for 4 years. my anticipation let me down. don't push yourself dude.

  3. I just watched Evil Dead the other night. Getting pumped up to shoot my movie.

  4. Hey man can't wait to see the movie. Keep up the evil-e work :)


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