Preview in LONDON this Thursday the 9th! + Lend me your screams!!!!


  1. Screams are on the way! Also, somebody on another site did a review of WATS, its interesting to see the process of somebody who didn't get it, yet at the same time he does understand some things. It's also great to see somebody break down and hyperventilate at the movie. here's the vid:

  2. hup, im a puppeteer...
    ¿Have you seen 2004 "Strings"?

  3. Hi d00d,

    Sorry I can't make it down to London fer Thursday :( I really want to, but I is totally broke at the moment.

    All the best,


  4. Wel I got my ticket, sorted a room out, all I need to do is get my ticket and then I will see you on Thursday my Aymerican friend!

  5. ahh I should have thought to scrounge for free tickets, oh well booked already. :) Seeya therE!


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