Too busy to tease 0_o

Sorry for not releasing any more trailers... I've been too busy with everything to cut another one... Right now I'm editing, doing foley, sound design, dropping in voice acting as I get it and doing temp mixes... a lot of the time is taken up by preparing materials for the voice actors as most all of them are being done elsewhere... I give them the script pieces of course as well as two quicktime files... one REF video which has all teh temp voices as a reference... and one SYNC video which is all the voices in the scene except theirs so they can load it into theY DAW and sync to they characters movements... I create these files for every character and every scene... and with this second pass of voice acting I started recording myself giving direction in an audio file I include with the scenes....

Hopefully I can make a little time before the world premiere in July to put out another trailer...perhaps the official one with all the voices and everything? ^ ^

Now I know its my film so I'm biased BUT with Endika's music and the awesome voice actors this thing is REALLY AWESOME! Its very high quality and tite...  So maybe I'll play nice with the business and try to get this in theaters for yall eh? ^_^

What do you think of that? When I did my survey almost everyone said they wanted to see it in a theater and very few said they wanted to watch it online... and since for some reason Youtube doesn't even include WATS on they "movies" page anymore maybe Youtube is not the place for this film?

I've always appreciated and have been down for Youtube BUT it's a very different place now then it was back in 2008 when I put WATS up there...

I go to the cinema a few times a year so yeh.... so maybe that's where I should try to go? Let me know what you think!

Would you hate me forever if "Tim Burton Presents: HEART STRING MARIONETTE" appeared in theaters? ^_^

I just want to show you the film in the best way possible... and on a big screen in a nice place is definitely the best way.... so maybe M dot will grow up a little this time and call people back when movie studio people, talent agencies and sales rep's call? 0_o

Some times I feel like the dumbest guy in the world because when the president of production for a major tv channel or movie studio requests a meeting with you... you should probably go 0_o

Well even if I was the dumbest guy in regard to that stuff last time... I've gotten 100x more talented and am working with SUPER AMAZING people on this one on this film thats 100x better... so maybe some people will still want to do business with dumb ol M dot  cause I GOT THE STUFF WITH HSM!!! ^_^

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  1. you should be reconized dude, just dont let them mold you, i doubt you would, but yeah do what you do and let it get as far as it can, your a true artist and deserve to have success.

  2. i want it online :C, that's the way i could show your movie to my friends last time and i think it's more accesible for people like me than can't afford to make big travels or don't like to go to the theather that much anyway. Even though, i would pay 10$ bucks ten times just to see your movie over and over again because what you do is awesome. I know you're considering many different options, but at least i would feel a little betrayed, but that's just me :C.

  3. You do what you feel is right. I can't say I wouldn't accept if a major record label offered me a deal, as long as they let me roll my way. I wouldn't hate you, but I do dislike Tim Burton. His movies anyway.

    Also, I contacted a local theater that plays indie films and they said they might be interested in showing your film if you sent some promo info and I guess a trailer to them:

  4. DO iT! Fuck the system from within. If someone can do it it is you. I would love to see this with all my friends in a big ass theater and be like, "yo, I know that on the internetz" Lulz.

    Just don´t go all superstar, don´t stop blogging, don´t stop putting up tutorials and taking us through the process of making things because that has been one of the biggest blessings the internet has given animators and independent artists like me. And I´m not even kidding.

  5. I wouldn't see any problem if it was "Tim Burton Presents" as long as the film was exactly the way you want it.

  6. that's fkn funny .. I've actually presented your work to people as "The new Tim Burton ." or .."If Tim Burton could actually be more original then he would be ...."

    go for it.

  7. id say go for it, you didn't knocked their doors, if your work is powerful enough to speak for itself then your doing something right. Think about the possibilities, you may end up hiring people to assist you so you can make more movies, more comedy stuff, music, a theme park, a videogame, more books, HSM on ice, toy designs, a pop up book, your own animation company, your own foundation to help people discover the power of art

    well, you may need a lot of money to do that. we know money can't buy happiness but for now it may help your movie reach more people and get the place it deserves to be, IN A FUCKING MOVIE TEATHER

  8. Even the scandal of someone mislabeling their movie would do well for your advertising. If you want to go that way, do it.

  9. As you said maybe its time to grow up a little bit, and yes, back then 2008 was different, at that time M dot Strange was a person, now M dot Strange is a trademark. You should(in my opinion) go big as an artist, and stay the same person. Good luck!

  10. Look into all options for sure for maximum amazingnesssssss!!

  11. Reading Robert Rodriguez's book, Rebel without a Crew, about how he was signed up with a major Hollywood talent agency, given advice on what to say in meetings with studios and finally did the deal, was an incredible rush.

    How great would it be to see M dot Strange ascend to the heights of film fame and glory? Having 'enjoyed,' (ER suffered? ; ) ), alongside M dot and his tales of trial and tribulations, via blog, very Very Great!

    Recall that Robert Rodriguez asked "Could his agents take anyone off the street, generate buzz, and then make them a Hollywood player?" "Probably, yes on the buzz," but the player bit was down to ability, talent _and_ agent push, was the answer.

    Could an established film maker with two features and mega-youtube views, and an entire cardboard box of a hundred other films, ahem M dot!, be made into a Hollywood player? Well, Duh!

    Could he do it without selling out, and while retaining most, (some???), of the rights to his work? ER, no idea. That's what agents and lawyers are for.

    If you haven't re-read Robert Rodriguez on the Hollywood courting dance, that would probably be a good idea.

    If those who have gone down that road - Tim Burton, Robert Rodriguez, others - offer advice, that would probably be most useful of all.

    Go into a meeting with the head of a studio without an agent? No way!

    Chances of getting an agent at a (the?) major Hollywood talent agency _with_ a meeting arranged with the head of a studio? ER, 200%? And don't leave your arm out too long. Because the talent agency will probably bite it off up to your shoulder at the chance of such an easy deal. After all, the buzz generation is done! All they have to do is a) handhold you through a deal and b) collect gazillions.

    SO Bon voyage and, ER, Good Luck! a) You'll (probably ; ) ) need it, and b) remember the one about Formula One racing driver.

    A Formula One driver is practising in Australia when a spectator says to a friend of the driver, "He's very lucky."

    The outraged friend looks at him for a minute and says "Yeah mate, and you know what? The harder he works, the luckier he gets!". You've done the work (in spades!), so Be Lucky. It'll be a pleasure to watch the trajectory of the M dot's star across the heavens.

    Or something like that. ; )

    But we want the inside scoop, in a book a la Rodriguez, that will give us the feeling that we, too, could live the dream. So take lots of notes / video / pics.

    IF we expended the same (amazing) amount of perspiration / biopsy samples from both arms!

    Roll on the San Jose premiere. Camera X's biggest theatre? CU there.

    - fellow Si Valley (near) shut-in. ; )

    Robert Rodriguez, Rebel without a Crew -


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