About replay value

I was thinking about replay value... ya know how we can listen to the same music over and over... replay the same game over and over... yet with film it seems MOST of the time we only want to experience it once...

I think it is all about MOOD... we like music because it sets a certain tone or mood which we enjoy being in... same with a game... I enjoyed the mood that Resident Evil 2,3 and 4 set so I played them over and over like way too much ^ ^ but most films I only want to watch once... why is that? What do some films have that others do not?

I've watched ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK numerous times as well as VAMPIRE HUNTER D: BLOODLUST...Why? I thought about that myself and it's because I like the mood....

MOST films are a chain of cause and effect events... that does not create mood... Some films are like card tricks and once you see how the trick was done you don't want to see the trick again... think INCEPTION or MEMENTO... I liked those films but I have no desire to ever watch them again...

So think about MOOD... I read all the screenwriting books I could find by the supposed "experts" who have never written any amazing scripts that became great films strangely enough ^ ^ BUT there was nothing about MOOD in those books.... just gimmicks and reverse engineered process to create these chains of cause and effect....

NOW I think IF you can create a film that has the same replay value like music or games... you might be onto something ^ ^ Because once people have seen through your few card tricks what reason do they have to stick around?


  1. Actually that's my issue right now. I have this story in made, characters more less set, but i'm working this story over and over till i find the mood i have most of the time, till it seems mostly like me. Randomly enough, playing some random chords and arpeggios, i made a tune that i liked very much, I said, this tune seems a lot like me, i wish making this with movies was this easy, but this tune help me to realize that this mood is the one that i want to portray in my animated series, i keep practicing on the technical stuff but i don't want to forget the heart of my work, what really makes it a living being, not just a commecial product. www.kleistothesavior.com

  2. lol i'm starting to think that i should play and listen more music when i'm trying to get ideas for my work.

  3. So true. I have no explanation as to why I like the movie Brainscan so much. It's a poorly made movie, but at the same time I still watch it over and over again.

  4. i 'm still playing the game Pathologic Ice-Pick Lodge
    only they have ideas :0
    graphics are cool ))..I didn't even notice its presence in a game
    and i don't need that :0
    because I have six-core PC and this game is for each my core
    The Crysis is from "i'm bored game studio" but I like the invisibility of Nanosuit
    but sometimes in the dark dark nights Im thinking and what if they have nanosuits and we don't , then what it be, what it be :0
    *noob face*

  5. yeah..all of us have nice feelings with the things , that makes our hearts warmer ^ ^
    it's hard to describe with words feelings

  6. haha you're talking about robert mcgee amirite?

  7. There are only 3 movies that I watch over and over again; Princess Mononoke, We Are The Strange and Pride and Prejudice (A&E version). But I don't think it has to do with mood, well for me at least. The reason I even bother watching it over and over again is typically for the story. If I fall in love with the story I am hooked for life. However when it comes to We Are The Strange I really enjoy watching the background. I have seen it about 22 times all the way through and every single time I have watched it I see something new but it's not new in the sense that I never paid attention to it but that I found it interesting. In other movies I have seen I could care less about what was going on behind the protagonist or the huge fight scene but in We Are The Strange its the best part of the movie because each time I watch it becomes a better movie then the last time I watched it. Just because I always see something new.

  8. i totally agree with you M DOT, it is about mood, emotion and honesty. It does not suprise me however that most movies, computer games and music are all one trick ponies; as we live in a time of the throw-away and distraction society. Its not just our entertainment its our food and relationships too that have this throw-away attitude. It all got me pissed so much that i quite my job sold my house and went back to uni to study art, as art allows me to concentrate on any idea, concern or thought in a creative way. I really appreciate the time you take to write to your fans.... you are a true inspiration to us all.

  9. I've watched The Royal Tenenbaums and The life Aquatic, like 15 times each. And I asked myself this same question... I believe it is because these films have tons of details happening on the background of each shot... layers that you can discover each time you watch them.


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