Crowdfunding when your not social hmmmm?

As I find myself still waiting for things to get done so I can finish HSM I need to start working on something else... as I start to go crazy when I don't have enough challenging work to do... I'm working on the script for my next animated feature and some live action films BUT that's not HARD enough work so I need something more to do...

I've seen so much stuff being funded on Kickstarter these days I want to give it a try... I was happy to see that Fathom's... which I posted about a week or so ago was funded ^_^ Good for you Joe!

Now being a nobody indie... when making films or music or whatever the problem these days is like making money on your thing when it's done BUT I think perhaps that's doing it ALL WRONG... it seems the way to do is to try to crowdfund it on Kickstarter... raise enough money so that it'll be worth it for you from the start... then give it all away free when its done as you already made your money on it at the start...

Now its not like its my passion project or anything haha BUT I want to make a bunch of BADASSERY episodes (which was formerly Project Sooperman) I have fun making comedy stuff like that so it would be AWESOME if I could get those episodes funded... I already finished setting up the Kickstarter thang and I'll launch it tomorrow...

There's nothing to lose so why not give it a try?... I guess you could lose some enthusiasm if it doesn't get funded or something... but if no one wants to pay for it would anyone want to watch it anyway? I say PROBABLY NOT so if it doesn't get funded then I won't make it because uhhh no one would watch it anyway haha... and like I said its not like my passion..just a fun project.

I'm just wondering how much social networking and hustlin has to go on to make Kickstarter a success for you? Cause like I don't do any of that 0_0 Or wait that's what friends are for! SHET I just work all the time and don't maintain any friendships OOPS!

Haha so I'm not expecting much for doing the Kickstarter for BADASSERY but I'll try it anyway ^_^


  1. see I think you have such a loyal fan base you should really focus into creating a solid internet "street team" / strike squad / hit team ... hehehe ..
    (maybe it's just that i read ender's game for the first time ever), but organize this so it is simple for YOU. (so you can focus on animating and shit)

    You are the commander ., set up networks and maintain lists (or let your peoples maintain/gather the lists) so on a single command you can mobilize and send out the word on multiple levels....

    forums, social media , twitter , email lists.
    do not struggle to be more social, just be more tactical.

  2. You will do great!

    I feel like you have a pretty loyal network. Kickstarter has a lot of wild cards, but, with unique rewards, and a realistic goal, you will get backers.

    Good luck sir!

  3. Project S was like a gateway drug for me to get into your longer films and I think short shots like that would be a brilliant way of building your body of work as a niche brand. Really hoping it works out for you!

  4. So. Endika has not finished the music yet, eh?
    Does he seem stressed or anything?
    How is your interaction with him anyway, regarding time frame.


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