The first anime feature film I ever saw that got me into anime as a fan was NINJA SCROLL directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri who later directed VAMPIRE HUNTER D: BLOODLUST which I was lucky enough to see on the big screen at a cinema in Westwood when I lived in L.A.... I saw the last screening on the last day it was playing and it made a HUGE impression on me... after I saw it I was like I WANT TO MAKE EPIC ANIMATED FILMS! I remember taking the bus home from the theater with character ideas in my head...

A few weeks ago one of the voice actors Ricky from HSM, who is also a friend of this blog^ ^ ... gave me one of the Vampire Hunter D novels... I read it on a flight to London... then I bought two more to read on my back... and I just finished reading #16 this week ^ ^

To me, D is like THE BEST CHARACTER EVER IN ANYTHING ^_^ In my career I hope I can create a character that's like half as awesome as D!

D has influenced me a lot so far... Rain and Ori's relationship is kinda like the relationship between D and his left hand... as Ori eats fire and lasers that were shot at rain...

The main character of HSM is very much influenced by D's unearthly presence as well...

Hammering out a character of your own is a tough thing... I hope one of mine will stick and I'll be able to keep telling stories with them....

The HEART STRING MARIONETTE fairy tale book is being made now... and will be ready by the time the film is released.... So watch out for that to learn a little more about my new character ^_^

Now I wait for VAMPIRE HUNTER D novels #17-22 0_0


  1. I need to re-watch Vampire hunter D. Have you seen/read Gantz? The Anime was GREAT til they hit a deadline and guessed the ending of the manga and made a shit last three episodes. But its a amazing manga. You should check it out.

  2. Yeh I've seen the Gantz anime and the live action film but haven't check the manga... for some reason the anime didn't grab me....So I don't think I finished it.....I thought the concept was great though.

  3. You're the best MdotStrange! I even got my girlfriend wiki-ing it! I cant wait till your film comes out. I've been working on my own short film about a character who is disfigured. I've worked on the idea and film for a long time and have been waiting to film it, hopefully in the next couple of months. I've got a couple of people who have focused on technical skills while I've focused on story. You've

  4. I had a feeling you'd like the D. novels. They are very addicting, too. I did the same thing: had one sip and drank em all up. The author, Hideyuki Kikushi, is prolific and has written many novels and manga. I also like his "A Wind Called Amnesia". check his wiki entry here:


  5. M, How do you feel about English dubs on foreign films. I can't STAND them, but since i don't have any spare money i always torrent my movies (most of which are foreign). If you search hard, you can usually find an original audio mix or total DVD copy, but sometimes you just can't, i feel like the films are most of the time degraded by the english/american voice actors... how do you feel?

  6. @Ricky

    I had seen the Amnesia anime and liked it a lot years ago... then after reading the D novels I can see the similarities in style ^ ^


    Fer sure! The English dubs are usually horrible! I always prefer Japanese audio with English Subs... even though I can't understand the Japanese..the performances are so much more passionate... Yeh some Anime shows have been RUINED by the terrible English dubs so it suX if there is no alternative... very few enG dubs are great... The Ninja Scroll english dub is great for example but yeh most of the time I choose Eng subs with J audio


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