Ever have those nightmares where your terrified and trying to scream yet no sound comes out?

Is it like your trying to express yourself but no one hears you?

I feel as an artist... this is what our whole life is like... we are trying to say something yet no matter how hard we try it never comes out right... or no one hears it... was anyone even listening?

Is it the fault of the artist if what they are trying to say is too complex? Would their existence be much easier if they were to just try to say something simple? Would they be more successful if they simply said something that were said before... but just in a new way?

I don't think we have a choice in the matter... our very essence is what dictates our "scream"...our "message".... fight it as we may... that's what we are and what we have to say to the world...

Your "scream" or "words" or "statement" or "message" may keep echoing through time long after you've departed ...but maybe... just maybe it will reach someone?

Are you waiting for an answer?

Is it any of our business what becomes of our art? Do we live just to create it? If so should we feel blessed to just be able to do our part in this grand production called "life" Will it allow us to sleep in peace eternally knowing that we played our part?

If we performed our role the best we could and as authentically as we could... day in and day out... what will that mean to us when the show is over?

Death is a running theme in HEART STRING MARIONETTE... and the tagline "YOU WILL DIE... INSIDE" has nothing to do with the film btw.

Some people smile when they are in pain.... some people joke when they are at their most serious... how would we ever really know that our dear friend was dying inside if we never looked... inside... their art... inside their heart... laugh as they may... their soul is slowly being torn apart.

Maybe we should do some more looking... "inside" ourselves and others?


  1. AWESOME. ^_^ i'm so excited for HSM. i just went through some very dark times in my own life as an artist and person in general. luckily it all ended up teaching me so much about myself, and i'm slowly getting to a new place that i've never been before. and i definitely know what you mean by going INSIDE. i've had to go inside to find my own light and my own way. and i've had to learn from experience what is for me and what is not. i was being stubborn though. it was this ego in me that i had to realize what it was, learn it never serves me and only contradicts me, and let it die.

    i finally got my new studio equipment working and have been playing around on a friend's MAC book and it has blown my mind how much i'll be able to do with it creatively. now i'm gonna be doing whatever i have to do to get money together to get myself one.

    but i want you to know what an inspiration you are to me mdot. you're a true artist in every sense of the word.

  2. Truly there are few artists as you mdot.. Keep filling up those lungs.. There are more than a few bravely listening and acting on it.. Myself included.

  3. Right now i'm just learning with flash Cs4, it seems i'm getting better with this thing. I'm looking at tutorials and learning by myself, i got hopeful because i made some drawings that looked over the average, so i'll keep practicing. Everyday, all i can think of is in my story, and the desire i have to move and help people with my stories, i'm making little steps right now but i hope they lead me to a bigger place someday. People needs art, people needs stories they can relate with. People needs more heroes, sometimes is so frustrating that i still don't have the technical skills that i need to fully make my vision, but my ideal is burning red inside me and i'm not letting it go. Let's fight together M, for a better place to live, The world deserves it.


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