M dot does Rabbit Junk 2.0

So it 2008 it took me one night to make this character for a little Rabbit Junk video I did...

Now three years later in 2011... I took a few hours and made this character for a new Rabbit Junk video I'm doing...

I made a little progress the past 3 years eh? ^_^ I can't to see what I'm making in 3 years from now!!!

So yeh I haven't gotten the song yet but I'm doing a music video for a yet to be released Rabbit Junk song... I hope to have this guy smashing the brains out of a bunch of clones of himself with that hammer he has... I want to have him smashing mirrors and a bunch of shit as well... WHAT CAN I SAY?! I'm aggro in 3d?! ^ ^

I also finished the Kickstarter for BADASSERY and will launch that REAL SOON!


  1. i want a toy of rabbit 2.0 for my desk, he'd keep me safe at night =)

  2. wow that's awesome! rabbit 2.0 is insaneeeeeeeeee.

  3. you've gotten over 9,000 thousand times better my friend, good job :D

  4. His power level it's over 9 thousaaanndd!

  5. Truly amazing. The lighting, the fall off, shadows, and overall redesign of the Rabbit, it now looks like the bands logo only more hardcore which fits the bands tone even more. Can you send me a high def render of this so I can use it as my background? Or better yet a hella tight high def render of him smashing out one of the clones? BRO I'd buy a signed print of it. *clears throat* Sorry, I kinda geeked out for a moment.


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