M dot Strange@Bandcamp

So you probably didn't know but I'm some obscure electro-rapper I don't wtf d00d with like 17 albums... I finally got my shit together so now there's 12 albums up on Bandcamp here

So if want to embed tracks on yer social wha eveR you can do so now easily...just like this ^ ^


  1. is it all 5$ because ypu set it at that price or is it all 5$ because that's the default price and you just were to laz- i mean busy to change it?
    i thought it's weird because it was all free dowloads before band camp.

  2. @reyori

    My stuff has been free for like 8 years... so it wasn't me being too lazy to change it... it was me seeing how motivated people are or not ^_-

  3. The soundtrack for WATS doesn't seem to have the opening title sequence, where can I hear that?

  4. wise choice, Mdot. I use bandcamp myself, it has not disappointed, don't think it will.

    I second Phylo's statement. I want the opening title sequenceeeeee D:

  5. @Ricardo

    That song was made by TSR-Otto... or it was a group called "TSR" and I'm pretty sure the song was called "Roll playing game" Its an awesome track ^ ^ It doesn't seem to be on the internets after a quick search... he has a site though...should hit him up I'm sure he'd be happy to hear from yall ^_^

  6. Return From Hella Nowhere is your best album I think. I love like %95 of it. Fantastic I listen to it a lot.


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