Making films is the best "film school"

If you just want to learn something JUST to learn it....your desire and drive can be lacking... You need to know exactly WHY you need to learn it....

Just doing tutorials to learn new things isn't the best way IF you don't know WHY you would need or want to learn things...

I've always thought that the best way to learn is THROUGH NECESSITY...

So if you want to learn the ins and outs of 3d animation THEN MAKE A 3D ANIMATED FILM... don't sit around simply amassing tutorials and abilities you might use one day... as you don't know what your abilities are even worth UNLESS you put them through the paces of a real production...

We all have this "I'm not ready yet" thing going on... "when I'm ready I'll start" Well in my experience YOU NEVER FEEL "READY" you just have to go anyway...

If you make a 3d animated film with animated characters you will be FORCED to learn all aspects of production... AND you will have a reason to LEARN... when watching or reading tutorials you will be searching for the THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW to make your film... it'll save you time and it will be more fun!

I realize NOT MANY people will want to go through the hard work to make their own animated films as its much easier to just copy tutorials and make glorified demo reels or "short films" with a few cliche visual fx or scenarios these days... BUT all I am saying that if you REALLY want to learn...make a film! It doesn't have to be the MOST EPIC THING EVAR... just make something...have fun and FINISH IT!

It's like right now I'm learning all the new stuff in Zbrush 4... I'm focusing on the stuff I know I'll use on a production and ignoring the rest... and as I see new tools I think about how I could use them to make things for my upcoming films... So it keeps me excited and learning... If I had no idea WHY I was learning this stuff it would be really boring 0_0

ALSO in my personal experience making 3d animated films IS THE BEST AND MOST EXCITING THING IN LIFE EVER! Nothing comes close to beating the challenge, fun and excitement for me... and you get to keep learning new and fun things for your whole life!

So if you've got any ambitions to be a 3d animated filmmaker and you haven't made a film yet... I say jump in and start today! Yeh you might not make THE MOST EPIC THING EVAR but you'll LEARN A TON

Now its not like I've mastered everything BUT I used to FAIL at everything when it came to animation and even back then it was still tons of fun ^_^


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing HSM as well as the new Rabbit Junk video. I gotta ask how you afford your life style? You must build a electric bill like crazy, but Iv never heard you say something along the lines of "I just got off work" HOW? I work my ass off and still got no money or time to animate.

  2. Yer not the IRS are you? 0_o M dot Strange is a totally legal and legit business venture actually... shareholders, investors and all ^ ^

    So just start a business... get some investors on board... and put out animated features by yourself.. as well as music videos, books, music, and animated shorts all on your own to keep them happy until you can hit it big ^ ^

  3. Very well said. Experience is the best teacher for sure. I am not the IRS and I have often wondered the same thing however, I did just get a new dayjob that pays the bills and also doesn't wear me out so I come home ready to create pretty hardcore.

  4. dis is not criticism
    I just can't get one thing only which way people can have teh ambitions if they haven't made a 3D animated film yet...or a film 0_o
    yeh experiments it's fun I agree
    when I need to make the UFO I was always starting to learn how to make the UFO when I'm making the UFO, it looks like a toothbrush
    because first I had to learn how to make a glass o_0
    I've been realizing, it's a year 2084
    final result still at the experimental stage? maybe I have to become a scientist 0_0 (No this is awful)
    no lol really find a harmony lol

  5. oh gawd dis guys can do everything D: and I just with a little pile of toothbrushes in underpants
    God help me

  6. *woosh* I didn't get it <.< commentator fail? , anyway it's yer blog but Im surprised 0.0..ok anyway^ ^

  7. Isn't there the risk you might do something completely *wrong* by the "standards" of the film establishment, and thereby make some thing so revolutionary and awesome that it completely destroys the old 'traditional' film studio system?.. you don't want to be responsible for ruining everyones life and making them all homeless living in cardboard boxes under a highway overpass, do you?...

  8. yes! give yourself personal but full on production quality projects. just like japanese manga artists who get soo good by sheer volume. ie the more you do something the better you get. you do this "training day" to find the "real road" what you need to to get things done.always attack what dont know,then get to know. then you dont have to wonder about what you dont know,the less it will impede you during the creative process.


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