The next movie ^_^

I know! I know! Yer probably waiting for HEART STRING MARIONETTE! As soon as I get the rest of the music I will finish it...... all the work I can do on it is done... so instead of just waiting... I've been working on the script for my next animated feature amongst other things... I'm halfway through the script... this time I didn't outline ferever and make mindmaps like a psycho because on HSM I ended up not using any of that stuff 0_o

So I outlined for a few days then I got to writing the script.... its VERY dark and very sad so far... I've forced myself to add 10 pages to the script everyday so the first rough draft will be done very soon... I've found that you can try and THINK your way into making a character and a situation in a script BUT until you start writing scenes it doesn't happen... then while writing the characters start to get a life of their own and tell you who they are THEN you go back through the script and update their dialogue actions to reflect the true characters...

I'm already excited to start modeling characters and the like BUT from experience I know I MUST go through proper pre-pro before I start messing with that stuff... its ok to draw some concept art but you can't get hung up on it or fall in love with it so early in the process...

Writing is fun... after feeling like I'm DYING while waiting to finish HSM... writing has made me feel alive again... well just a little bit 0_o As I still want to FINALIZE HSM more than anything 0_0

Thanks to all the people who donated to the BADASSERY kickstarter campaign! There like 26 days left to it... Whether it gets funded or not has no bearing on HSM... if it does get funded you'll see some new animation by me in the meantime.... if it doesn't I'll just keep writing ^ ^

The blog here has also been simplified and re-organized by this blog's ruthless editorial staff ^_^ and I added some galleries of stuff that you might have not seen before.

Making your own films is like getting lost in a dream... dreams of your it really is living your dreams... so no matter what happens I feel extremely lucky to have lived in my own dreams for so long.... and even if no one watches anything I make... I'll still fight for my dreams... fight against "reality"...... cue related song haha


  1. hey mdot, on HSM when ya do release it will u be putting it on youtube for ppl to watch like u did with wats?

  2. @Jelly

    I was initially planning to but since youtube removed WATS from their "movie" listings for reasons unknown and we'll most likely be selling HSM to a distributor I can't really say... Also there's the whole value in scarcity thing... I'm thinking things are becoming more valuable the harder it is to find them and get them in this get anything you want anytime you want it world...

    My preference would be to travel around doing screenings rather than just throwing it up on youtube... but that's all up in the air right now my friend.

  3. GREAT.. Mr M.Dots! In the process of "cleaning things up", your ruthless editors removed my most frequently (daily) visited page on your blog!

    What happened to it, sir?

  4. @Amer sorry bout that! Its under the "tutorials" tab now

  5. @mdot, I hope u figure out a good distribution for HSM, just don't let fall into obscurity i've been waiting to see this movie since i discovered u existed back in 09

  6. you need to seriously think about hiring JP to do the music soundtrack for your next movie ... the cinematic sound and electroclash sound he is developing countinues to fricken amaze me ...

  7. @Jelly

    Oh yeh fer sure HSM is too awesome to let it simply get put online and forgotten ^ ^ We're gonna make somethin happen with it!


    Well when I get a real budget there's lots of people I want to hire nah mean


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