Thanks to the AWESOME 17 people who pledged to the BADASSERY kickstarter campaign... I didn't get any money of course since it didn't reach its goal but its good to know some people out there understand that I do have to work to make this stuff and they want to pay me for my work.


  1. Hey M-Dot

    Why not try Indie go go. That site is just like kickstarter only any money raised you keep. I hate that you set this up and you got nothing for your efforts. Keep up the good work man you remain a constant inspiration in my filmmaking carrier

  2. Hahaha! That is an AWESOME ride. One hell of a hog!

    Holy crap, you are a MACHINE! Two videos and a feature length film in its completion phase, fawk! How do you stay so FOCUSED!?

  3. @struggling

    Thanks for your support!


    Focus hmmm... well I have problems with that some times I get caught in an endless loop of checking a few sites and making coffee.. but I found the solution is to do 2 things at once... to animate I have to put a movie or something else on to kinda watch when I'm working... if I'm just animating/working I'll lose focus and not do it... so I make sure and put something on while I work or audio chat with someone at the same time... thats how I've been able to stay focused... also I have no friends or "social life" to put time into.

  4. @M:

    Would be cool to hear which blogs/sites YOU check regularly for inspiration/knowledge etc.


  5. Choppers Discovery Channel Special

  6. M watch this

  7. HOw can we get you on Adult Swim? Make millions off this and let you create all the films you want. This really would be ideal for adult swim. Crazy stuff man!

    Till next time "in the head"

  8. @Johnny

    I used to read a TON when I used Google reader but I quit that as it took up too much time... now I only check the cinema 4d forum on cgtalk as I work in c4d everyday and its always helpful


    That was great! Thanks for the link ^ ^


    When I get a few more episodes done I'll try to get it in the hands of some TV people and the like and see what happens ^ ^


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