Are you doing the creative KILLING? Are YOU the one taking the risks? Hunting the prey (new ideas)? Are you a shark?


Are you latching on to the sharks? Following them around? Picking up their scraps and using them for your own creative subsistence?  Are you a remora?

You don't have to be BOLD or BRAVE to be a remora... you only need to latch onto and follow around a shark eating the bits of food from the things they kill... you only need to follow a person around and pick off the bits of ideas and things you want for yourself...

Lots of "artists" or "creative" people are REMORA's... there are very few sharks out there...

What are you? What do you want to be?

Here's a little note from the Wikipedia entry for a Remora

There is controversy whether a remora's diet is primarily leftover fragments, or the feces of the host.


  1. Sharks have to keep moving or they will sink, can't believe you forgot to mention that fact.

    Keep moving as an artist, or you will sink.

  2. Indeed Peter! I've been trying to keep my blog posts more focused so I wanted to make the point to be a shark or eat someone else's POO! ^_^

  3. You just burned half your fans! HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

  4. I am not a Remora. I'm a shark that nibbles on things daily but I never finish my meals. I really need to work on improving my eating habits. ^^;

  5. “Good artists copy; great artists steal" -Pablo Picasso

    Just seemed to fit.

  6. @Litu

    Yeh but Picasso couldn't use Copy+Paste and didn't have Photoshop or a copy machine more work and interpretation went into stealing art back then

  7. Doesn't Quentin Tarantino use that quote regularly? That's more fitting.

  8. “Good artists copy; great artists steal" -Pablo Picasso

    I'm tired of the overuse of that quote/cliche or whatever... yeh ONE artist guy said that a long time ago and people are still using it as an excuse? LAME

    Here's a new one...

    "Good artists cut+paste; great artists copy+paste" -M dot Strange

    I think thats more as to what he meant... we all have sources and its all about HIDING THEM... if your LAZY because you refer to said Picasso quote then you CUT and paste...leaving a glaring HOLE where you cut it from... but if you work hard at hiding your sources you COPY and PASTE as it won't leave a glaring hole and people will have a harder time seeing your source... so I updated his quote for 2011 in Photoshop speak ^ ^


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