The BEST 3d animation training videos!

I'm always trying to learn new things and there's so much to learn when it comes to animation and from all the stuff I've come across the absolute BEST learning material for actually doing 3d character animation is the legendary Jeff Lew's training videos which you can get HERE

Jeff is know by the world through his KILLER BEAN films and he's a professional animator by trade... I really liked his Killer Bean Forever feature film as well ^ ^

The training videos are geared towards animating action stuff... you can find lots of training videos on walk cycles or facial animation and other business BUT I hadn't found anything else that was as good for action and overall 3d animation basics as well...

The training videos will be applicable no matter what 3d package your using and Jeff is a really great teacher... you can download all his vids for less than $40 as they are on sale now!

I highly recommend them all! There's free samples too so you can see if their for you.


  1. Fantastic, MdT. Just bought the first three vids for $20. Loved the Bean movie and after watching some of his free vid previews, this course is going to be great. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Love Jeff's stuff. I think my favorite thing from the Killer Bean Forever DVD is when he's talking about his render farm just being the most powerful comps he could afford, sitting on a table cranking out frames. Who needs cases? I'm totally going to do this when it's time to render my stuff.

  3. Are these videos focused to a certain 3D package, or just general information. Cuz I'm assuming this guy probably doesn't use Blender xD

  4. Thank you for providing helpful information about Animation Training and videos


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