FUCK the backseat "creatives"!

You may think you KNOW your own potential and you may want others to respect you or value based on your self perceived potential... the key is to SHOW your potential... because if you don't your just another person with "good ideas".... "good ideas" are a dime a dozen... putting them into action and actually realizing them in some shape or form to that they can be shared with another person seems to be quite rare these days... its mostly a lot of this.....

Do you think your ideas are better than everything you see? Do you regard yourself as being better than others based on your ideas? Do you constantly complain about things you see... about how they could be "better"? Because obviously you have such amazing taste and talent YET the world has never seen it because its all in your head... follow this path to be a backseat creative and completely FULL OF SHIT!

Being a backseat creative is an easy thing to do... I'm sure you can even find other backseat creative's so you can band together and make yourselves feel better about your amazing ideas that have never been realized... IF your not realizing your ideas... making them real somehow... then to the outside world you'll always just be a joke... no one over 18 will ever take you seriously... your "creative" life will be mocked and undermined by those who do serious work because there's nothing much of it to see....

If you don't show us your potential how will we ever know what your capable of? How can we respect you are an artist or creative person if we've never seen a fully realized example of your work? 

If one of these backseat creative's goes out of their way to try to offer me an unsolicited critique of my work.. I just laugh... and if you're actually putting out work and they try to tear it down... you should just laugh in their faces as well ^_^

It's the brave creatives who actually take the time to realize their ideas and share them with the world... its the COWARDS who just sit around and try to criticize others... cowards that cower in fear when it comes to actually CREATING their own things... these fearful creatures get so angry when they see someone else creating freely so they often try to make themselves heard... I never listen because they are just particularly annoying parts of THE HERD.

I'd advise you to not listen to them as well as nothing good can come of it.

If you're a backseat creative and you don't want to be... then CREATE SOMETHING... FINISH IT.. and PUT IT OUT for the world to see... now your in the front seat driving... when someone jumps in your backseat who has never driven before and starts complaining its not very fun is it? 

Don't you want to tell them... WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW YOU'VE NEVER DRIVEN BEFORE?! Oh yeh... you read all about driving on Wikipedia so now your an expert...criticize away! haha

A person's advice only goes as far as they have gotten----- if they've gone nowhere in filmmaking/animation etc then where does their advice go? NOWHERE... if you ask me.