i MAp the Strange Future to 2013

So I'm about to jump on a new schedule that I just planned out that takes me to January of 2013... NOW some might say "don't try to do too much, too fast" BUT this schedule was created based on real production experience by my own hands...dependent on ME... so I now know how long it takes me to do things... it's not "wishful thinking" or whatever as I'm not some rookie whose never finished any projects before...

NOW I know there will also be some "BUT WAIT?! WHERE IS HSM?! FINISH THAT FIRST!!!" So I will say that as of right now I have done EVERYTHING that I can do to complete HSM... I'm just waiting on the music... when I get the music I will finish it... right now I have 1 hour and 15 minutes of the music and that much of the final is finalized... the final film will be about 2 hours so when I get the rest of the music I will finalize the film... as far as when that is I can't say as I'm not the one doing that... BUT there is no SUPER rush on my part as there is no film festival deadline looming and the music I've gotten so far is BRILLIANT so it's worth the wait... BUT in my mind I have a date that the film MUST be completed so it won't go on forever trust me ^ ^
Here's my planned strange output for 2011-2013

August 2011
- 3 episodes of BADASSERY

September 2011
-3 week break
- 2 episodes of BADASSERY

October 2011
-Storyboards for my next animated feature codenamed "GAWD"
- 1 episode of BADASSERY (final episode unless it gets funded/produced)

November 2011
-Temp voice recording+ Animatic for GAWD
-Proxy modeling+rigging for GAWD

December 2011- June 2012
- GAWD production

July 2012
*if funding is available will either shoot Bigfoot live action feature in Northern California or "mystery film" live action feature in Iceland
*If not in live action production then...
-GAWD final modeling+lighting+render

August 2012- September 2012

*if funding is available will either shoot Bigfoot live action feature in Northern California or "mystery film" live action feature in Iceland
*If not in live action production then...

-GAWD final modeling+lighting+render

October 2012- December 2012
-GAWD matte work, compositing, final renders

January 2013
-GAWD completion

Life is short ESPECIALLY if your making films... so if your not careful you can lose years spinning your wheels... So I'm going to make sure I'm ALWAYS working towards completing a project and I always want to be sure to CHALLENGE myself with new BIGGER and HIGHER goals... if I'm not constantly challenged I get bored and depressed...so completing an ALL NEW animated feature by January 2013 is definitely a big challenge to myself ^ ^

I've learned SO MUCH from making WATS and now HSM... I'm able to work much FASTER with a higher output and at higher quality... its like when you start out your focused on say 99 things and you constantly give your time and attention to these 99 things when in production... but through these experiences I realized there's really only like 10 of those 99 things that I need to focus on while working so yeah....

Part of this realization came through facing the fact that in the end I'm making films... Film's that people should be able to follow and get swept up in... and if I'm lucky it actually moves them... I will always be me and instill my thoughts, emotions and values into my work... but when doing the work I need to become a FACTORY... so a factory I will be ^_^

I'm also playing with concepts for two other short animated series that I might release "pilots" for this year... I didn't put them on the schedule because they are still in the conceptual phase... but yeh... lots to do ^_^


  1. whatever happened to you entering that one festival in montrial or wherever it was? did that just fall through?

    be sure to let us all know know when u totally 100% HSM like its a metroid game

  2. That's impressive man.

    I'm particularly interested in seeing a transition to live-action (post-WATS and HSM) curious how you would tackle it both tactically and visually having been so immersed in your current animating workflow.

  3. Good luck to you sir.

    I am fully confident that you now have it down to a fine science and can crank out animation a lot faster - especially with the new release of C4D! I am most interested in seeing how Cinema 4D R13 helps you in your character animation pipeline.. and also, if you're feeling generous, some nice little tips and tutorials on the new Character Animation tools.. but ONLY if you have the time for it.

  4. Can't wait for the live action stuff :)

    Please let it be not only be about bigfoot but also aliens, alien abduction, mindcontrol, spring heeled jack, reptilians, secret goverment projects, men in black, the mothman, draco borgs, usos, ufos and transdimensional entities.

    Ah and bring back your radio show !!

  5. lol ... if I have learned anything .. I know that "3 week break" = Rabbit Junk and/or MSI video.

    yet to be determined.


    My goal over the next year is to find and harness this type of dedication and focus.

    workWORK MF!

  6. @Jelly

    If you check my June 6th post about film festivals that explains what happened ^ ^


    Yeh I'm really excited about the low cost high quality live action cameras... DSLR's and the like... The reason I stopped doing live action is that the video look was too crappy for me and there was no len's choices... but now its on!


    Of most deF... I'll share my Xref workflow and tool tips fer sure...AND with the CMotion system we can even share walks,runs, etc by sharing tiny preset files!


    My next animated feature has a bit of that stuff creeping in... and an animated feature idea I've been playing with since 2007 is ALL about that stuff... I just feel my skills aren't good enough yet to do that movie... I should be ready to do it after the next film though... I spent years and years of my life obsessed with that stuff even visiting Dulce, New Mexico in 2001... so I have tons of real life terrifying and bizarre experiences to draw from as well as all the research... so it will come in time ^ ^


    haha you know me too well ^ ^ Well this will be a real break away from all my computers... yeah if I'm around my computers I can't help but make stuff... but when I'm away from them I'm like oh yeah?! The real world?! ^ ^


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