My name is M dot and I'm addicted to production 0_0

This is my DRUG
I just LOVE producing animation 0_0 I love writing, storyboarding, doing concept art, modeling, texturing, rigging, doing voices, animating, compositing, editing, doing sound design... I LOVE IT ALL 0_0

Because of my addiction I'm even thinking of doing one of the live action comedy feature ideas I've been planning as an animated film... I like challenges and it seems like a great challenge to try to make an entire comedy animated feature film by myself in a month or so... of course it would be crappy Badassery quality but its comedy so who cares?

It would also be great practice and tighten my workflow and sharpen my animation skills... I recently bought all of Jeff Lew's tutorials and I'd like to practice that stuff... also in a WHO GIVES A FUCK project you have the freedom to experiment and play... and I've made some big discoveries in doing small projects... I plan to use a new Xref based workflow in my next "serious" animated feature so it would be great to test it out on a project ahead of time hmmm...

Right now I'm animating the next episode of Badassery... episode 6: NOT SORRY... I'm going to do this episode and another short one called SMALL DREAMS before I bounce for a month come September 1st... so that's a little challenge ^ ^ Ten minutes of animation in 9 days? LETS DO THIS!


  1. I like what your addicted to ;) Your story board is a masterpiece and I want it as a poster on my wall! Dude you are TOO AWESOME!

  2. @Maggie

    Why do you mock my awe inspiring drawing skills?!?!?!?!? ^_^

  3. @Mdot

    Because I admire your ability to draw insane MADNESS!!! O_o (In tiny organized boxes)

  4. lol mdot your storyboards are always 9001% pro awesome n shizz... you should make a film that's just your storyboards and don't even bother with the CG.. >:P


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