Passion with no outlet = chaos

To die inside or to destroy the world around you? That is the question...

As I'm watching what's going on in London with the riots... it seems very easy and convenient to just blame the "youth" in saying that they're "sick" or whatever...

I was in London a month or two ago and I remember that there just seemed to be kids everywhere just hanging out on the streets...

Now I am clearly an adult BUT I never lost my PASSION...I never died inside... and I know if that passion has no outlet..which for me is filmmaking, music, and exercise... than I start to go nuts... I yearn to create chaos... I want to start arguments and make people upset... I want to BREAK I want to BURN... so I can imagine myself being as a 17 year old riotmaker...

When I was like 17... I was so angry and frustrated and felt so powerless I remember writing a story wherein I brutally murdered everyone I knew at the time 0_0 NOW no one ever read it and I never killed any of those people obviously BUT it was an outlet for that chaos... what if I had no quiet place to write? What would  have become of that chaos? Would I have swallowed it and become a numbed medicated adult or what I have been MORE violent and angry in real life?

If the youth ANYWHERE don't have an outlet for their passion before it is KILLED or is MEDICATED out of's going to be CHAOS...

I'm sure the powers that be would just LOVE to medicate ALL the young people... a nice soft lobotomy so they'll be good little slaves...

All these old dead puppet fucks who try to run the show need to get the fuck off the stage because they are clearly letting down the youth... and the rest of the non rich people.... BUT yes in this world MONEY TALKS so as long as they keep the rich happy its not a problem for them... well if they burn your fucking houses down and steal your shit then its a problem isn't it? ^_^

It's not about punishing the's about getting to the root of the problem... and giving them something to do with their passion... helping give them some hope for the future... a purpose other than "BE A CONSUMER WHORE! LIVE IN SLAVERY! THEN DIE IN DEBT"

I myself would LOVE to work in some youth center somewhere making animation, films, and music with passionate young people ^_^

If we're not investing in the future...then what are we investing in?


  1. I will ahve to disagree with you 100% because you couldn't be further from the truth!

    I live in London these useless fucking scumbags are NOT frustrated artists or angsty teenagers. You're giving them way too much credit. They don't want to work for anything and expect shit to to be GIVEN to them. They are opportunist thieves and criminals, who will use any "political" excuse to break shit and steal. How the fuck does it make sense to steal flatscreen TV's from the electronics store and rob people? "Oh, I'm such a frustrated artist and let down by the government, I KNOW exactly what will make me feel better.. a stolen iPhone and a new flatscreen TV".. I say FUCK THAT SHIT.. let's call a spade a spade.. and lets call these usless motherfuckers what they are - criminal cocksucking bastards.

    By the way, this is happening all over England - not just London. Innocent people have been run over in cars and killed, when trying to protect their own homes and by these animals.

  2. @Amer

    I've been mugged before and had stuff stolen from me by scumbags yeh they exist for sure... but I mean even that 11 year old kid that was arrested for looting... he's an "animal"?

    I used to physically assault people and throw bottles through peoples windows... and I even use to throw urine in peoples faces...made explosives and used them against people sometimes as "jokes".... So I was a "criminal cocksucking bastard" when I was a teenager until I started making films that is... so I only have my own experience as reference...

    I grew up with a family of criminals as neighbors... whole family was in and out of jail... rape, assault, drugs...everything... but the kids who were always in trouble were cool kids and my friends when we were playing Nintendo or baseball... but if they had nothing to do which they usually didn't they would commit crimes...

    I think even the thuggiest I don't give a fuck thug robbing or selling drugs on the street WANTED to do or be something else at one point in life... teenagers do stupid shit... I did stupid shit when I was that age... so i can't write off other people that are doing dumb shit at that age because I'm glad not everyone wrote me off back then.

    NOW if theres ADULTS doin that stuff well then thats a different story in my mind.

  3. they are afraid ..these kids are afraid and others earn moneh from their fear..
    type in.... arabian drugs and England's riots..I see the connection
    (like the continent of Africa for US which has oil)

  4. Can´t remember me and my brothers as a kid or teen of "having nothing to do". Something wrong is going on.

  5. @imaginario yes. me thinks the same

  6. @ Amer..

    I will have to disagree with you 90%, because I don't think you have all the truth! :)

    Maybe you could give us some more background to help give some credibility to your opinion?

    I presume you don't know all these people personally, so I guess that means you're generalising.

    Generalising makes is easy to label a whole group of people (whether by race, age, status) as undesirable, without having to actually assess the individual accuracy of your claim. That makes it easy to gang up with like-minded persons to do something about "those *insert label* people" - like arrest them, jail them, (or ultimately, terminate them). It also makes it easy for the opposite side to gang up with like-minded persons to retaliate against "those *insert label* people", by e.g. trashing the neighbourhood, terrorising the community, (or ultimately, killing them).

    It's this generalised and polarised thinking that can ultimately inspire war and genocide.

    If you're into that sort of thing, fair enough. But if you're interested in doing something about the problem of criminals, riots, and man's inhumanity to man, then you might want to spend some time and effort figuring out WHY these things happen?

    If you just thought "stoopid fuck - cos they're criminal cocksucking bastards, that's why", you can stop reading. Bye - have a nice war.

    If you just thought "er.... ok.. why?", read on....

    Have you ever been so angry that you've wanted break something, or even kill someone? -- No? Hey, you're lucky! -- Yes? Now look at why you felt that... Someone made you angry? Some situation was totally unfair? Remember that, and multiply that feeling x 100 - and imagine you're feeling that every day of your life, and there's no obvious way out, and all your friends feel like you do cos they're in similar situations. Throw in any number of wild cards - e.g. violent father, alcohol fuelled bravado, junk food diet, a dead end job for minimum wage - and you're brewing a community of discontent that will likely one day erupt to express itself when it gets an "excuse".

    Ok, I don't know all these people personally, so I'm looking for the reasons WHY humans (in general) behave as they do - and generally people behave violently because at the root of it all, they're ANGRY (and often bored as well). Now look at WHY they're angry. Now do something about the CAUSE of their anger, and you'll go a long way to healing the damage. Yes, it takes time, energy, and thinking - and the answers won't be the same for everybody, and for some people there may not be any answers. Damn - it's sure easier just to get the police to deal with it.

  7. As only one example, a close friend of mine was a social worker for many years, went out on the streets to talk to the disaffected youth causing trouble, and set up various programs to help them. The programs were very successful, as they were based on getting people involved in doing something they were actually INTERESTED in and helping them achieve that, which helped them feel worthwhile and respected, and then they naturally became calmer, happier, and learnt to respect others. It's the kind of basic social potty training all parents should doing. Damn - it's sure easier just to tell the kids to shut up, and hit them when they cry.

    If they really DO want to be a criminal, fair enough - there's a world of opportunity for them, and that keeps a lot of other people in their jobs. If they'd actually PREFER to be a plumber, manager, doctor, politician, blogger, artist, *insert label*... then there's a world of opportunity for them. It's just that so far they haven't been able to identify what they want to do, and / or sort out their problems, and / or nobody takes the time to really help them (or even knows how), and / or people just keep telling them they're useless motherfuckers, and / or *insert any one of a number of reasons*. They feel powerless, and over time frustration builds up, frustration evolves into resentment, and eventually they get so wound up, one little spark can ignite years of pent-up anger, and they fight back at their perceived enemy, organised society... with the very thing that can cripple it - organised chaos. Yeah, and larf about it afterwards, like "me and my mates - we did that."

    What do we do? Continue the battle by meeting brute force with brute force, or try to sort it out by evaluating what's REALLY going on and coming up with an appropriate response?

    Maybe the "real" problem is that government-funded programs that actually HELP people take more effort and cost more than quick-fix-its and buzz-words, so politicians shy away from these cos voters don't want to spend public money helping rioters, they want tax cuts - so we end up with a government based on the lowest common denominator - me, Me, ME. Anyway, that's another blog.

    Maybe the "real" problem is that the current economic system worships the god of greed. It favours those who do whatever it takes to make as much money as possible for themselves and pay as little as possible to those who labour for them. Under this system, greed is legitimised and "ripping people off legally" is seen as "good business" - but for some to win, others have to lose, and losing feels bad. Anyway, that's another blog.

    Maybe the "real" problem is that humans, males especially, use violence as a problem-solving option, and for some, it's the default option. Anyway, blah blah blah...

    Do you see what I mean? Your entitled to your opinion, but it just seems to perpetuate the simple idea of Us vs Them - and I'm just trying to point out things are probably more complex than that. I'm probably not 100% right, but I'm probably not 100% wrong either.

    A-N-Y-W-A-Y... this is all imho of course - just trying to do my little bit to change the world for the better...

    If you feel like helping, your mission is to figure it out and do something about it.

    c u - have a nice life.

  8. Here's another perspective on the issue in London


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