Wacom Inkling OhEMMGEEE!

So no more scanning and cropping hand drawn storyboards it seems ^ ^


  1. HOLY SHI*
    *brb,conquering earth*

  2. everything i had to say, was already said by @FunpiecePokemon D:

  3. does it really take that long to scan?

    "The technology is just a TOOL... you can dig a hole with a shovel or a fork... yes one is more useful BUT you can dig a hole with both..."

    just sayin .... hehehe

  4. If I get this then I can start on my movie.....lol J/K.

  5. @Variant

    Haha yeh it is just a tool... but if a tool can save you lots of time and you know it can why not? I haven't tested it yet but if it can skip the steps of manually scanning each storyboard page, running the PSaction, and renaming and moving the files I'm all for it!

    I do about 1500-2500 storyboard frames for a feature so it could save a lot of time BUT I'm not going to say OH I CANT STORYBOARD UNLESS I HAVE THAT TOOL!

    And it costs a lot less than an ipad and it works with good old paper... also it could bring a lot of reluctant analog artists into the digital realm which is good me thinks.

  6. I'm pretty analog so for me it's O.K o.O


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