27+ minutes of completed low budget 3d animation in August 2011

Here's all the short animated projects I completed this month...

So I'm pretty sure this was the most animated stuff I've put out in a single month... so now I'll be gone for a month and when I get back and start work on my next animated feature I'll be sure to kick out at least one animated short a month...

Badasssery is fun to do but I want to explore some different moods with shorts... so I outlined 7 animated horror short films and I might be collaborating with a friend on one to be released on Halloween...

So I'll be back in October... now c'mon start kickin out your own low budget 3d animated projects so I can watch them when I get back! ^_^


  1. Have yourself a good trip. Enjoyed all your sick output :)

  2. would screamerclause be a collaborator on a horror short?

    his work still the creepiest thing i've ever seen ever, even after i saw suicide club

  3. @mdot

    yo .,. we seem to share similar tastes in music / art and all sorts of shit .. it's wierd .. but your gonna be gone for a fkn month .. LOL ...

    give me some random thing to obsess over in the meantime ... band/artist/animation series .. whatever !!!

    and also relax the shit out of yourself.

    The Mad Reagent/Variant/Etc...

  4. Thank you Jelly :) But it's not me, or at least not that I know of haha

    But I'd love to see what an M Dot horror short would look like!!!

  5. Low budget animation done by October?

    Must...resist...urge...to accept...challenge...

    Man I'd love to bust out a trailer for my new project for when you get back but I dunno if I'll have anything in production in a month's time. We'll see I guess xP

  6. hey man, hope your Va-K was chill...
    TommyOliver and I accepted your "challenge"!

    we have been bustin are butts trying to get our Lanvan project together (when not questing for atari)

    Here is a super sneak preview of some material for ya.

    ohh yeah... if u want in on this crazyness we got a few extra discs of Art EXPLOSION 600,000 with yo name on it!!!

    luv ya *ps make more badassery i have been lonely without honest abe & charles bronson PRO!

    SuperSpecial Lanvan Privew!!!

  7. well i got bored .. and just worked on a song ... I'm contemplating making an alternative soundtrack for HSM since the original soundtrack is never going to be completed ....

    hehehe jk . ....

    anyways .

  8. i hate when shit doesnt save correctly. ...



  9. @Tommy

    It's yours, enjoy .. just give full credits.

    The Mad Reagent

  10. 2+ minutes of completed low budget 3d animation in September 2011


    ...we'll get there eventually...

    If you guys like it be a friend, subscribe and whore it to everyone you know!


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