Misanthrope DOT

You know it must be GREAT if the films/animation/music that you want to make is actually stuff that is mainstream and would bring you tha dollarZ

Like if your a musician and you have a real passion for generic electro autotune pop crap music...

Or like if your an animator and you just really love animating precious babies doing precious baby type things...

Or if yer a filmmaker and you just love like remake, re-imagined whatever is in the theaters...

ME... well I'm writing scenes of nude saxophone players performing solo's in a back of a van whilst another man is running over someone with the van all the while a woman is watching it from a desk in the forest masturbating AND I'm going to involve furries some how... NOW if I added precious babies, dancing to dubstep whilst singing through autotune and fighting Spiderman would I make that big $$$?

SHIT!..... my ideas are SO not marketable 0_0

If you want to make popular stuff ask me for an idea and DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE and that'll probably be it! ^_^

I stuck my tongue in an electrical socket twice while I was a kid... the first time probably gave me super powers...like it made me like Superman then the second time made me BIZARRO...

Here on earth I'm a nobody.... but on BIZARRO WORLD I'm totally BAWSE!

How many of us weirdo's have the same fantasy?


  1. You know what man? No. It wouldn't be great. Because you'd be a shallow, mindless idiot with no higher brain functions, leeching off of other peoples mindless ideas and the public's collective sense of nostalgia.

    I'd much rather work, sweat, bleed, and struggle to create something with actual depth, heart and soul, and meaning. Even if it doesn't become popular or sell a million copies. Because, in the end, money doesn't matter, fame doesn't matter. What matters is what you yourself feel. And I want to feel like I've done something, accomplished something. Made something important. And enjoy meeting and communicating with the admittedly small, but worthy audience that can appreciate it.

    Remember d00d, level 3 passion! TAKE THIS! MY LOVE! MY ANGER! AND ALL OF MY SORROW!

  2. You so silly M Dot ^_^

    keep up the great work! Art is forever, sanity isn't.

  3. you know what to do mdot.
    apply your LIST making ability to marketing bIZARRO style and MAKE IT marketable .... not the product, but the market.

    passion, artistic ability , hard work, blah blah blah ..

    You made all this BECAUSE of LISTS.
    just apply that ability to a new field(maqrketing) and BIZARRO will be the new Fall fashion ..


  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RHmPY_tJ9Xc#t=96s

  5. The money studios are running out of things to 'reboot' , so unless they start re-re-booting everything... (in which case it's time to 'boot' their movies: into the garbage can...) ...they're going to have to start coming up with orginal stuff again.

    so.. you can BE orginal
    or you can BORE-iginal ... ;)


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