Completing Heart String Marionette+ LIFE

Endika with the cast
Like any film creating HSM has been a journey... a production journey from idea-->script-->screen of course but also a personal journey for me as well...

One of my heroes Motokiyo Zeami -the creator of Noh said something about being interested in creating real human emotion on the stage...

And since this is our first production in StraNOHme... it is heavily influenced by Noh... and its our try at creating real human emotion on the screen... and I can say with confidence that my real human emotion is on screen... it almost makes me feel vulnerable watching it with the music... because watching the film has taught me things about myself... its like watching my life so far flash before my eyes.... I mean not literally of course but since I made it I know what really lies behind everything in the film... Its my own trauma.... my own sorrow... my own passion... my own tears... my own fire... my own sadness....

I don't have a face
Heart String Marionette is LIFE... the colors and sound that dance on screen are emotion... that characters can say whatever they want and go to and fro but its all about the EMOTION

Wait? What about LIFE?

The film is my answer... my answer to the questions I think a lot of people in the world are asking right now... that they never got answers for.

Their always watching
Heart String Marionette IS mental illness.... it is depression... it is sorrow...  Whenever I felt like I was going crazy or depressed or whatever it was always film or music that pulled me out of it... but it had to be where I was... I was always looking for darker and darker stuff because most of the stuff was too light for me to resonate with it.... but I always wanted it to have HEART as well... so with HSM I wanted to go DEEP into the darkness without losing HEART...

So with HSM....its a film I want to see... a film I want to feel.

In a world with more and more FAKERY we need more REALNESS in art.... as the focus is on perfection we need more FLAWS in our art... that's that I think... So HSM is my answer to the questions I think people want to ask.


  1. Dude this sounds so passionate... AND BURNING...AND ERUPTING!
    This wallet of mine glows with an awesome power! Its loud roar tells me to buy HSM!!

    Seriously though...I need to see this film...liek...hella NAO. xD

  2. I know this sounds silly but I'm the same with my art all my hate anger sorrow happiness hopes I divide my mind into characters n stories that depict my pain it's nice to see someone do the same... it let's me know I'm not crazy or horrible
    n in a morbid way gives me hope
    I know I've said before on emails hat I don't fancy you but in all honesty I fancy your art and in a weird way I love it to pieces like a I do with my boyfriend
    But thinking deeper into your art is you so I guess I love you? O_o
    That's really freaky now that I think about it O_o But I guess what I'm trying to say is that you inspire me and help me not feel alone anymore
    It means a lot to me too because I have a horrible fear of being alone
    Not in a social way but mentally and emotionally alone
    That's why when I saw WATS I cried through the whole thing and practically fell limp in raw emotion
    Because I wasn't alone anymore
    ....... Now that I think about it maybe that's why I wanted to talk to you so badly! Maybe that's why I was so persistent and bleh!
    I GET IT NOW!!!
    I wanted to talk to you because I felt like you we're the only one who could understand me
    It's why I wanted to be your friend and share my thoughts and opinions! YES! mental conflict resolved! But now I sound like a creeper O-o


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