Defeating the enemy within

I forgot the exact quote and who said it but its goes something like this "I don't know how to defeat my enemy- I only know how to defeat myself"

We ALL have something we're trying to accomplish that lies outside the realm of basic human survival... whether it be some personal project or accomplishment... to get it DONE we've got to fight with and DEFEAT ourselves...

We're always full of EXCUSES... we can come up with 9001 reasons why we couldn't make that film... or record that song or write that book... and we like to make it seem like there are some external forces at work throwing these roadblocks in our way... like there is some external enemy... but I believe most of the time the one throwing the roadblocks out there is US... the real enemy is INTERNAL.

And everyone LOVES their excuses... they hug them... they cuddle with them... if you meet another self sabotaging person yall can share sob stories and hug your excuses together so you can convince each other that you you had no choice but to give up.

Have you ever been in a heated argument that went to the personal attack level and the person you were arguing with knew EVERYTHING about you? It's tough to win the argument when they know how to hurt you... when they know all your secrets and sensitive spots... well that's what its like trying to defeat yourself.

The power of PROCRASTINATION is STRONG with the internets, chat, mobile devices, rss feeds, social networking etc... it all just comes down to what you want to make of yourself and what you want to make of your life...

What will you do? Who/what do you want to become? Are you willing to fight for it?

How long/hard are you willing to fight?


  1. strategically placed #2 pencil...


  2. I just finished reading Stephen Pressfield's new book "Do the work", a follow-up to his "War of Art" It's a good kick in the arse the the artist to defeat procrastination and Resistance.

    To the true artist, Resistance is only sharpens the blade...

    right on, time to go listen to some more hardstyle.. >:D


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