From film----> Musical?

So as we're making our final push to complete the film its been interesting... as we watch it over and over we see the confusing parts... we see the holes... so I re-edit and fill the holes... I animated about a minute of new stuff we added to the beginning to make some emotional connections stronger in the film...

We've also added a lot of songs in the film ^_^ I won't say its a straight up musical because its not but it does have about 6-8 songs in the film sung by the characters BUT NOT like lip sync singing... more like music videos where the imagery supports the lyrics... its been really interesting and fun...

Endika and I have been talking about doing a straight musical in the future... so HSM is sort of a film/musical hybrid...

So 6 more weeks and this thing is done ^ ^


  1. 0_0 I published yalls comments but they dissappeared?!


    Thanks for sharing it! ^ ^


    It was an honor to have you be a part of the film! When you came down and worked with us that was like the most fun we've had so far ^ ^ AND we might contact you very soon so record a little singing too ^ ^


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