An interesting book for marionette enthusiasts and weirdos


  1. What a fascinating book! On (used book search) you can pick up a copy for abou $15, fyi.

  2. That book looks awesome! I almost want to find a copy so I can cut pictures out of it and glue them to stuff haha

  3. Lol I think you'll like this one artist named Hans Bellmer his work is inspired by marionettes and dolls it's utterly lovely and disturbing at times
    this site bellow shows a lot of his work:

  4. @Ralola

    ^ ^ Yes I've been a fan of his stuff for awhile now... I found it while doing research while writing HSM... If you read about why he made those dolls its even weirder 0_0 But yes their great dolls!

  5. @Mdot
    Finally someone else who loves his work! But funny thing, one of the monsters in silent hill 2 was inspired by Hans Bellmer's work it's how I found him in the first place :3
    I wrote a mini post about it on my blog


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