The whispers at the periphery of your consciousness are his...
He reminds you of your fear... of your FAKEness...

You can try to convince others... and even convince yourself that you're not a wannabe... a poseur... but he knows the truth... you may look the part and act the part... but inside your mind he laughs at you...

Run as you may from here to there...this city to that city... change your hairstyle or clothing but he's always there inside your mind...

There is no escape... he'll whisper... he'll scream... there is no escape as you must face him...

To face and defeat him is to face and defeat yourself.

Until you defeat that monster you'll always be a'll always be a wannabe... you'll always be a poseur... you'll always be a fake...

That monster won't let you fight with all your heart... he'll make you a complete wimp... he'll help you make up excuses as to why you can't FIGHT... as to why you can't WORK... he'll help make you a "victim of circumstance" but you're really just his victim... he'll make up lots of excuses for you...

Feed him drugs... feed him alcohol... feed him fuck... and he'll make you feel alive for a little while... but you're really just feeding him...

Defeat that monster and make room for yourself... your true self.


  1. Man, I can relate to this far more than I'd care to admit. For me, the battle still rages on...

  2. You know, "Procrastination Why You Do It What to do About It" could be a useful book, and it comes without any derision. I'd like to hear more about how Mdot works with actors and musicians - more day-to-day details.

  3. I want to be raped by Mr. Roman Polanski.

  4. @Tommy

    Never give up and you will DEFEAT IT!


    Ok I'll write something about that... unfortunately when I worked with the voice actors for HSM there wasn't anyone else around to film it... but I'll write something


    Ja okay!

  5. So poetic and sincere it's hard to find someone who truly understands,
    It's hard to find someone who's learned from pain rather than being destroyed by it,
    My gut was right about you.

  6. a lot of people don't answering it might seem they don't understand and they just don't answering

  7. @M dot

    Doing my best man. Doing my best.

  8. King
    Have you ever thought maybe they don't want to answer?
    Maybe their ashamed
    maybe their proud
    Maybe they just don't care and all they want is a chance to talk to mdot.
    For me I just don't know what I am...
    And I rather not go into a boring monologue of my pain and suffering
    And how I Hannah! Can't figure out what I am... Besides it's a possibility that might be why I'm here... To find who I am and to see myself from a different perspective

  9. to Rahola
    Ms I meant people IRL ^_^ you're very nice person
    M answered OKAY it meant that he is annoyed by me because of my talkingS ^ ^
    yeah I understand him actually
    it's my IRL experience of turning back a gamer to reality it needs elephantine efforts
    game-addicts react very intense with AGRRRH!!
    I was talking too much to the IRL game-person shifting attention :HEY THERE"S A CROCODILE IN YER BATHROOM EATS YER SOCKS
    but I was never able to say
    STAY or just I Love you
    so I'll try not to talk shit anymore

  10. Ms R.
    There are two things, inner and outward, me guess
    coz I sometimes act like a schizophrenic teddy bear struggles with the lunar magnetic fields
    very stupid

  11. I might not reply, but i care about all this. I just don't comment on M's posts anymore because i take my time to make a deep reflexion about what he writes. This poem, i made it my wall paper, so i can have a reminder that i have to become better everyday, don't die inside. If i'm not replying is because i'm thinking, i'm fixing myself.

  12. king
    I wish to hug you now :D
    Even though I barley understood what your talking about O,o
    Oh well you seem like a nice person and sorry if I seemed like a total creeper or a jerk(either one)^^
    I just get defensive when other people seem rude to others on forums or blogs, It's just how I am :P
    But ANYWAYS! I think your pretty cool n I found it kinda funny you annoyed mdot xD It tis amuzin! (also if you notice my change of writing it just means I'm more comfortable talkin to you) ALSO! let me properly introduce myself! I am Hannah or Ralola or Skullfairy xD As you can tell I'm a very bubbly shy girl who's full of wtf and this message is incredibly long so I'll end it here!

  13. @king
    awww ^///^
    I tis flattered
    I'm so happy {D


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