Some peeps out there have emailed me or messaged me questions about HEART STRING MARIONETTE... When will be it be shown? Can I pre-order it?

The earliest it will premiere is in late November of this year... the latest is early 2012... I can't  say where/when/how right now because I just don't know...

Since its not done I can't sell it yet... well I guess if I was a better business man you'd already have bought the toys and the board game and pre-ordered the box set eh? ^_^  I'm going to pursue theatrical deals for the film first... If not in the US... in whatever countries/territories where it can be sold... I'm going to pursue the BEST deals I can get for it... and based on the surveys I did some time ago YOU want to see it in a theater as well eh?

Adult animated features don't have the best theatrical track record compared to "family friendly" animated films 0_o BUT there hasn't ever been one like HEART STRING MARIONETTE... and I know MOST real life families are PRETTY FUCKED UP  so we need a "family film" for all the dysfunctional families out there! HERE IT IS!

3d animated DYSFUNCTIONAL family film

We'll see what the strings of fate have in store for the film eh?

Thanks for your patience and continued support!


  1. You know Family Friendly might not be a bad gig for you either....I mean have you thought about it?

    A strange but family friendly film by m dot. I mean you can get the family crowd + the weird crowd.

    I mean you kind of give me a feeling of Takashi Mike. He has done crazy over the top violent movies to family flics in his style.

    I just think it would be interesting to see you do a jump around but with your flair.

    He produced both Ichi the Killer and then turns around and does Zebraman and The Great Yokai War.

    Just interesting thought.

    Even Tezuka wrote everything from porn to scifi, to history, kids, and adult fair.

  2. Good to see you back, Mdot! Recently my girlfriend has been very curious about you, its even bothered her at how much she wonders about you. she wants to know if it would be alright if she could email you and maybe ask a few questions? it would really help her alot

  3. Ahhhhh I still need to buy your book o___o. I'm hoping on christmas money or better yet a job ><! I can't wait to own both of them!!!


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