Mysterious Doll Film Storyboards

Back when I started this blog... it was supposed to the the blog for what ended up being "Heart String Marionette" but I didn't know the title yet... I just knew it was going to have dolls and be mysterious so I named the blog mysteriousdollfilm... Now since I'm in pre-production on my next animated feature and it is yet another animated film with dolls I was like HEY thats my thing making mysterious doll films! So if I am one man studio its totally called "MYSTERIOUS DOLL FILMS" ^_^

New film script+ M dots fancy storyboarding kit

Today is the day I start storyboarding my next animated feature film... you can see my setup above... an old ram module case for my pencils and storyboard pages.. and of course the script...

"Thinking in pictures" is what you're supposed to do eh? When writing the script you're thinking in pictures as well BUT when it comes time to draw it out you really see if your idea works or not visually and whether its boring as fuck or totally confusing... you can also see the flow and get some sense of the timing BUT you really see if that works or not with the animatic...

When I did HSM I was drawing about 100 storyboard frames/day... I'll keep a similar quota for this one as I've given myself 20 days to work on it so that'll allow me to do about 2000 frames... I kept this film a bit shorter because I want to do it all in one year so the script is only 80 pages... the script for HSM is 122 pages...

With HSM after I storyboarded the whole thing I got it velo bound so I could feel all professional ^ ^

But I ended up RE-storyboarding the whole thing as I animated each sequence so it was all like a beta version of the film so I really drew like 4000 little storyboard frames for HSM 0_o

With the new film I hope to only storyboard each sequence ONCE 0_0 So I'll take all my experience into doing this film and try to be as efficient as possible so I can complete my films MUCH faster...

I storyboarded a lot of HSM at this sake lounge in San Jose... whilst watching Panthelion and drinking Kirin ^ ^

I took my little storyboarding kit where ever I went and worked on it... I'll do the same now... Script CHECK... Storyboard pages CHECK... pencils CHECK aight let's do this!


  1. storyboard pages, eh mdot? what happens when you want to rearrange a bunch of stuff... I live by recipie cards for storyboarding, easier to make a bunch of action sequences in 3 panels, then mix them around until they make sense...

  2. @Dave

    Yeh I'm stuck in my old ways ^ ^ So I scan the pages then run a Pshop action I made to save em into individual files.... then I bring em into Premiere for the animatic then I can re-arrange em and stuff... but I really try to get the cinematography and visual flow down the way I want when I draw the boards but yeh sometimes I end up changing shot order when I'm animating


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