After watching what has been going in the rest of the world wherein the people are showing they disgust for those in control of theY country I was glad to see something similar come to the U.S. ^_^

It seems Occupy@your city is going on all over the U.S.... I was happy to see a little something starting up where I live here in San Jose #occupysj... I read that the police are issuing citations to people for hanging out around city hall.... the city hall that the people paid for 0_o

So yeh imma start hanging out there when I'm not working ^_^

I mean WE actually have an opportunity to change things! So if you don't like the way things are going then go voice your opinion and see suP with the whole occupy thang... just google occupy(your city)

The mainstream media will of course drag its feet in covering these events or not cover them altogether or attempt to make it seem like a bunch of wacko's or extremists or lump it in with some political party or some bullshit... so if you want to know what its about I say go see it for yourself as that's what imma do...

If you still pay attention to and BELIEVE the mainstream media today...TV, Newspapers, Radio, Major sites affiliated with or owned by media conglomerates... you are pretty much a ZOMBIE/SLAVE.

We live in an age where we get to make up our own minds about things... where we don't have to remain ignorant... you can choose to remain ignorant as it requires no effort to just BELIEVE what you're told by your mass media MASTERS... but then yeh you'll be a slave/zombie.

What will you choose to be? What will you choose to do? Will you develop your own thoughts and opinions or simply repeat/regurgitate/retweet the thoughts and opinions of others?


  1. Amen to that d00d! When I found out you followed WikiLeaks and shit I was like hell yea!

    Gonna have to go do some research on OccupyBoston or OccupyFramingham or whatever. Try and get up there if something is going down.

    Part of me feels that protesting will only get you so far, but the other part of me is like yea its a publicity stunt, but getting attention is the first step. So, yea.

  2. Sweet. Maybe I'll check out Occupy San Jose tomorrow.


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