Unlocking and rooting the worLD

So I have this Google Nexus One smartphone thing... I've never had a simcard for it so its not much of a phone... BUT anyway... I wanted to use it as a wifi phone because I think mobile carriers are CRAP and I want no part of them... so I want use it like a phone to talk to people for free internationally...

So Google releases an update to their Google Talk app to include voice and video chat on Android BUT it is NOT available for the Nexus One and NOT because of technical limitations... they just decided that people with the old phone don't get it... prollY so you'll by they new one...

So I looked into unlocking and rooting an Android phone which I knew NOTHING about... a few hours later I unlocked and rooted the phone and installed the latest Cyanogen Mod on it... NOW I'm running Google Talk with voice and video chat and TONS of other things I wasn't allowed to do ^ ^

I'm sure a lot of the decisions that Google has made to limit Android is based on the pressure by the mobile carriers... as it would erode they business if people said FUCK A SIM CARD imma just go WIFI! Granted its not as convenient because a wifi network is not always available BUT to me its FREEDOM... its my phone I can do what I want with it!

NOW with the Occupy movement spreading all over the U.S. at this time... people are wondering... "What's the point of all this?!" "What are they hoping to accomplish?" 

Now I haven't been on the streets much here at the lil Occupy setup here BUT I would think that the ultimate goal would to be to UNLOCK and ROOT local governments and eventually do the same for the whole country and then of course the world ^ ^ Then install a new user generated modded system of governance.

So for example with this Cyanogen mod... a group of DEDICATED people donate their time and energy to make this Mod... which is a modified operating system... they made it THE WAY THEY WANT IT... NOT the way the corporations or the %1 want it... THEY MADE IT THEIR WAY

Now with the Occupy movements... whose to say people could not come together and come up with a new MODDED SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE over themselves? THEY CAN! It's the same process...

Just say.... well the old system has its merits BUT its being controlled by the corporations, banksters, and the %1... now FUCK THEM AND THEIR INTERESTS! Lets make a system that SERVES US! THAT WE WANT TO USE! So mod the old one and install it...and use it ^ ^

How to unlock and root the old system? Well the old system is not fueled by passion or dedication like the occupy (modding)community or lets call them a social unlocking mechanism... the old system is fueled by money... greed... selfishness... service to self.... to serve the interests of the %1, their subsidiaries and their property and thats it....

So you've got to "hit them where it hurts"... How do you do that? Look around at theY biggest moneymakers and stop buying them... stop participating... We literally PAY FOR THE OLD SYSTEM... if we stopped paying it would be eroded quickly... no money flowing in = no old system... of course the fear based sheeple will be quick to say BUT THE OLD SYSTEM PROTECTS US FROM DANGER! THE POLICE PROTECT US FROM ROBBERS AND CRIMINALS!

So who/what are the police "protecting" in Oakland when they shoot unarmed men and women in the face with rubber bullets at Occupy Oakland? Who/what are the police "protecting" in New York when they use pepper spray on unarmed handcuffed women? Who/what were the police protecting when they executed an unarmed prone Oscar Grant at a BART station in Oakland in 2009?

Its simple they serve/protect the %1, their property, and subsidiaries and that's IT... its being shoved in your faces right now... the TRUTH about who really runs the show... you can be a zombie and mindlessly accept the easy answers the mainstream media gives you or you can think for yourself...

I have no idea where my taxes really go do you? Hmmm seems these big corporations really like they gas and oil? Hmmm if a large population simply stopped buying gasoline for a few days or weeks hmmmm.... If people enmasse closed their accounts at big banks and went to credits unions and independent banks hmmmm

Actually if you want to see the "bad guys" in my opinion... just look at who/what has attacked Wikileaks... look at the individuals and corporations who have tried to bury Wikileaks... either through blocking and denying payment to them... running smear campaigns against them...  trying to prosecute them....the "bad guys" are showing their faces.... In an AGE OF LIES the TRUTH HURTS REALLY BAD to those that lead an existence based on LIES.... the worst possible crime you could commit is to tell the truth and share it with people in this age... 

Your generation has the POWER to change everything... what will YOU do?


  1. http://youtu.be/WmEHcOc0Sys

    i dont know if you saw this video or not ... but . very relevent and quite inspiring ..

    can you make another HSM trailer now please?


    The Enemy Agent

  2. @Variant
    Thanks for sharing. It was an amazing vid.

    One thing I came to a conclusion too last year was people don't rule the world, money does. Its sad to think of it that way but thats how the system has been tweaked to work. But i still find comfort in the fact that people can think and money can't. And we have the internet :)


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