We've come a long way!

Heart String Marionette was a journey that I started alone in 2007... then my friend Endika joined the journey sometime in 2008... since then we've had many awesome people join the project and make great contributions...(full credits soon ^ ^)

HSM is the first major collaboration between me as Uberector and Endika as Composer/player/performer/engineer/story consultant...

I can say now after a few days with little sleep having meetings wherein we discussed the final act of the film that WILL be completed within a month ^ ^

Here' some photos I took inside his studio during our meeting...
The main vocalist for Heart String Marionette... I bought her hair in Iceland at Tiger for like $5 WHAT A GREAT DEAL!

Endika started the film with a like normal piano and will finish it using a GRAND piano and it sounds SO tite!

Before Ableton Live there were loopstations and before VST's there were fx pedals... use the analog AND digital tools together and you got some c00 stuff!

Late additions

Endika in his studio 10-13-11

Of course we couldn't have come this far without YOUR support! So thank you! Thanks to everyone for your emails, comments and donations!

We are looking forward to presenting "Heart String Marionette" AND "The Heart String Marionette" to you ^_^ What does that mean? You'll just have to wait and find out!


  1. MAN! I'm excited! You guys have come a long way and punched all misfortunes in the face! You guys are amazing!

  2. That's awesome mdot^^
    I really happy that you've come this far. It's something to really be proud of and god I'm so damn excited to see HSM I've been telling everyone about it even my teachers at school(who are honestly as weird as I am)and I just I can't wait for me and my bf to watch it together<3
    Oh! It just makes me all giddy just thinking about it!^-^ It's looks so beautiful and every time I see it my heart just melts eeeee

  3. no mdot for an entire week? hmmm
    me thinks something is a coming .........

  4. lol oh Funpiece don't you know? You can't send a invitation without first setting the where n when xD


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