Why not you?

Why shouldn't you believe in yourself? Why shouldn't you believe that if you work hard you can become awesome at whatever you want to do?


SOMEONE has to be an awesome actor, filmmaker, musician, or artist so WHY NOT YOU?

Do you think maybe because you're life story isn't interesting enough? Because your appearance isn't edgy enough? Because you're not in LA or NYC or London or Paris or Tokyo or whatever? Because you don't know any famous people to usher you in to awesome-famous-people-land?

Because no one see's your true potential? Because no one believes in you? As long as YOU believe in YOU...YOU can do it!...NOW do the work and show the rest of us fools how awesome you are! ^_^

Notice I said SHOW and not TELL... don't tell us you're awesome... SHOW us your awesome work!

I mean WHY NOT YOU??! Somebody has got to do it...

So YOU should believe in YOU! You have to do that BEFORE other people will me thinks...

So ask yourself that question... WHY NOT ME???

As long as you believe in yourself there's no reason why it can't be you.

If you need someone to believe in you... I believe in you ^ ^

You will be as GREAT as you DESIRE to be as long as you stay dedicated and DO THE WORK.

I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing/experiencing the things yall create!


  1. Very good point, sir. I look forward to the day when I can show you a film I've developed largely on my own. *scheme scheme scheme..>*

  2. lol I could say many reasons why not, I can say many things but what if I have no confidence yet I kept going? What if I strive to create because I hate myself? What if I began drawing because I wanted to fall into a world of flawed perfection? Have you ever thought of the "what if"s? I have more questions but I'm curious if you have....(sorry if I sound like a creeper but this one of the reasons why I contacted you in the first place I said I needed help and I ment it i just hope you don't forget me cause when someones forgotten that's when they truly die)

  3. Well thank you for believing in me then. ^ ^

    I'll won't let that go to waste.

    Though fair warning. I will be beating you one day! :3

  4. @mduffor

    I look forward to that day as well! ^_^


    Well I can't even come close to covering all the "what if's" in a blog post ^ ^


    I don't think its about beating anyone but yourself to find your best. I'm not competing against anyone but myself and no one is going to beat me at being M dot Strange... ever ^_^

  5. I know, but I always like to make challenges and then work towards them. Though you have a point. I can't be the best Mdotstrange. I'll be the best me though.

  6. because Im not awesome Im just a girl and I don't care people will see this
    i know you want like new media
    believe me if I finish a film I will run it on my computer take a cup of coffee and watching it like home video
    because I believed that it can change something maybe....

  7. @King

    1)I had no idea you we're a girl O_O
    My brain exploded must be because your awesome :D
    2)I know how you feel but don't be like me.... at all O_O
    I have emotion issues up the ass and doubting just leads to failure I know for a fact because those doubts will eat you alive with no mercy!Your a great person and remember everyday you change a life and everyday you change a persons path. You do have a effect on the future but its so small you can't see the major change. It's hard and life can be such a damn bitch!

    Lol sorry about the emotional barf I posted O_o ubber depression is ubber depressing -_-


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